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    Here's an idea: improve the range display of armies.

    Currently: When Ctrl is held, the combined maximum range of all units in an army is displayed with a monochromatic red circle with dark red border.

    Right now you see maximum range, which is good for knowing whats the minimal distance required for dealing damage. The limitation of this manifests itself the moment you look into practical implications of ranged combat. Since only the furthest range is considered, especially when one uses the unmodded effects (majority of new players!) a player has no clue as to how many of their long range units can actually hit a target inside the extended circle.

    Enter overlapping and smei-transparent stacking range indicators.

    2) Overlapping: when viewing the range of an army, all units' individual ranges are drawn with a thinner line => can see how far and relatively how many units can hit at a given range.

    1) Semi-transparent stacking => still display maximum range with the thick red line, but display every unit's range in a pale red semi-transparent colour that stacks. => the more units that can hit a certain spot, the darker the red. this way you can know at what range your army can deal optimal damage without getting too close/too far. Adding a tiny opacity, in the lines of 0.025-0.05 should be enough to make it clear how far your couple of long range units can hit compared to the bulk in levelers, dox, and slammers (etc)
    range test.png
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