[QUESTION] Updated Modding Guides... where?

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    Where are updated resources for modding?
    The palobby wiki has good information for simple mods, but not much for creating new content..
    Most of the linked forum posts are last updated 2014 - 2016. Out of date. Some files linked on them not still available.

    Where are details on how the internals of Legion Expansion work?

    Is the framework for Legion available separate from activating the entire expansion content?
    If not, I'm interested in creating a unified modding framework from it, for others to create factions &c.
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    For convenience, I'm referencing resources in this thread.
    Please post up-to-date resources that missing, and post if a resource here is out-of-date and how.

    As a new user, I cannot post many links yet.
    This post will be updated once I can.

    The PA Wiki Modding pages are the best place to start (link).

    The amazing Legion Expansion:
    • Legion forum thread.
    • Legion on GitHub.
    • Legion documentation (incomplete?).

    External links to documents for download:
    • Planetary Annihilation Particle System Guide.
    • [TUTORIAL] Creating a new unit from scratch.

    Tool links:
    • Blender importer/exporter for PAPA files - v0.5
    • Here are links to forum threads that still seem valid:
    • The stickied unit creation tutorial (also has some info on papatran).
    • Brief Devmode thread (some links at bottom).
    • HodgePodge 2.1.0 mod (framework for adding units to build bar. Should this be retired?).

    Some random hacks & tricks links:
    • Supcom-style air wreckage
    • Unit/Building Wrecks in System Designer
    • How to make wrekage smoke disappear after wrekage destruction?
    • Starting forces
    • [PATCH] "shared armies" for AI teams (retire?)
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    Building your own Planetary Annihilation AI.

    The Legion Expansion uses the mod HodgePodge to manage the build bars, and the AI Compatibility Framework to allow the vanilla AI to work alongside the mod correctly. There used to be a Weapons Tracking mod, which Legion later integrated. This can be seen in the form of vanilla unit ammo files having "add_to_spatial_db" set to true.

    To properly support who can build what the base_commander.json's "buildable_types" field (along with each individual fabber) was modified to exclude all custom unit types, while Legion Commanders and fabbers require the UNITTYPE_Custom1 flag to be present on a unit.

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