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    PA Stats Match Finder

    Please be careful with this tool because excessive use may do bad things to the PA Stats server.

    This is a program written in Python3.4 that will find PA matches that have been recorded on PA Stats and output them to the console/text file. Currently you can search for matches with specific players involved as well as matches with a specific number of players. It has a few other features that are used in the searching function but they are not currently implemented into the interface such as converting player names to PA Stats Player IDs and vice versa as well as getting aliases of a PA Stats id.

    It has a little bit of customization as well. You can choose whether to input from a text file and whether to output to a text file as well as changing both of those file names.

    You must use the users' current name on PA Stats for the program to work.

    How does this work?
    This program gets PA Stats pages and removes most of the contents except for the useful bits and then organizes them into lists and searches through them. It may take a while to work if the user with the fewest played games has played a lot of games.

    Example use of the interface:
    This is the interface. In this example it is searching for 1v1s between mkfed and me.

    This is the output (in a text file):
    Game #439365
    Map: Amplus
    Game started: 2016-06-03 09:59:23
    MRflubb vs mkfed
    Winner: MRflubb (I didn't win this)

    Game #439364
    Map: Kinomo
    Game started: 2016-06-03 09:30:37
    MRflubb vs mkfed
    Winner: MRflubb

    Game #439359
    Map: TheForgery
    Game started: 2016-06-03 09:04:32
    MRflubb vs mkfed
    Winner: MRflubb

    Game #439171
    Map: Farenheit
    Game started: 2016-06-02 12:21:45
    mkfed vs MRflubb
    Winner: MRflubb

    Games: 4
    Stats for MR flubb
    Win rate: 100.0%
    Games won: 4
    Games lost: 0


    How to install and use:
    Download zip from github
    Run interface.py (Python 3 is required and it will not work on Python 2)
    Follow on screen instructions.
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