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    Hello PC forumites! I've posted this idea in the 360 area, but I wanted to get your guy's opinion on it as well. This doesn't take the armor nerf into account, so keep that in mind Here it is:

    Pondering on how to get more customization in the game, and how to make endorsements more viable, I suggested that perhaps we should have a fourth endorsement slot. While the unanimous response was "no", a fellow forum wanderer suggested this:

    Reflecting on his idea, here's my expansion on it:
    I like the idea of having 100 points to distribute between your stats, with 50 max per endorsement. To add to the idea, and perhaps make some skills more useful, here are what I imagine some good stats to be for each endorsement:
    Rate: +0.4% per point, +20% max.
    Armor: +5 hp per point. +250 hp max.
    Accuracy: -1% aim cursor size per point. -50% max.
    Speed: +0.7% per point. +35% max.
    Skill Recovery: -1.2% recovery time per point, -60% max.
    Health Recovery: -1.2% regeneration time per point, - 0.8% recovery time. -60% and -40% max respectively.
    Reload Speed: -1.2% reload time per point. -60% max.
    Clip Size: +2% clip size per point, rounded to the nearest bullet. +100% max.
    Juice: +0.6% juice to juice bar per point(static; your juice bar will always start filled at this point after spawning and juice usage). +30% max.
    Critical Shot: +0.3% crit chance and +0.6% crit damage per point. +15% and +30% max respectively.

    I think this setup would make the endorsements suitably powerful enough to be worth each point you invest. Let me know what you all think.

    I also had an idea about different sponsor levels. Depending on how many points you invest in an endorsement determines your sponsor. Here's what I'm thinking:


    Now why does this matter? What I was thinking is that you get a bonus added onto your match earnings depending on your endorsement level. It would work like this:

    Bronze= + match earnings x 0.05
    Silver= + match earnings x 0.15
    Gold= + match earnings x 0.2

    This bonus would be added before adding the winning bonus or anything else, and would make getting hoards of cash a bit easier. For example, having two gold endorsements would work like this:

    match earnings + 0.2(match earnings) + 0.2(match earnings)+ winning bonus= total earnings

    With this in mind, I have other ideas that I will go into more detail later, but I thought this would be a nice way to get more "bang for your buck".
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    It would give the game some depth.
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    Heh, someone was inspired by Section 8

    Eh, it'd be interesting but most likely you'll just find people dumping everything into RoF and Armor
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    If you're talking about me, then you couldn't be any more wrong.

    1. Never played Section 8.

    2. Isnpiration is over rated.

    3. Apparently I can't spell 'inspiration' correctly.

    4. This idea will never work.
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    Pretty much. Armor, RoF and in some cases Acc/skills are the most useful endorsements and everybody will use them. The 'lesser' endorsements would need to be made stronger to be really viable. Bronze juice gives you like 15-20% more juice, you can get that by smacking a couple of bots in the head in 10 seconds.
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    Mostly Disturbance's addition to the idea
    1. You should, good game. Unfortunately the massive sale that was on Steam ended Thursday, 4-pack(game+DLCs) for $15

    2. Cnanada

    3. Eh, it happens

    4. With MNC, it probably wouldn't
    Actually, if players could only put 25-30points per endorsement it might work better

    All in all, it's take some heavy tweaking to get a plan like this to work, of which would probably be better off held for a MNC2

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