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Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by RCIX, June 20, 2013.

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    So in playing this, even in alpha, I realized something:

    We're going to need a **** load of automation. Things like the ability to tell engineers to "just build me X" and it finds a sensible spot to do so and continues doing that, the ability to manage construction rates and resources independent of directing individual engineers, etc.

    Sooo, if this isn't too hard, I'm going to take a shot at making an automizer for PA. The ultimate goal will be to have intuitive controls to manage a base logically as a unit, with most structure placement details left to AI. Also give the ability to rapidly find and direct engineering power, and possibly even tear away construction from being a "select engineer first" kind of thing.
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    Nice, these types of mods will be well appreciated.
  3. paulzeke

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    +1 I'm very interested in automated economies

    would love to try making a full conversion mod where you're in direct control of your commander and only your commander (mech warrior style) and are, in third person, stomping around setting up the automated workerbots to expand your base.

    Main appeal is being closer to the action, having to plan things ahead with a great deal of forethought, and for the wonderful "oh ****" moments of realizing the machine you've created is lumbering off in the wrong direction :lol:
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    I was kinda hoping this would come with the vanilla game... If not, I'm definitely installing mods like this.
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    This can be a quite contentious issue, apparently some people hate the idea of having the AI play the game for you, and others are fine with that concept.

    Personally I was looking forward to writing an AI that could play the game for me completely unassisted, even if it ends up being really bad at the game, as an intellectual excercise and also to see if I could build in at least some of the automation you mentioned (I am lazy).

    The vanilla game is hopefully going to have a lot of unit AI behaviours that should help minimise micro, however there is a fine (and indeed disputed) line between what the units should be able to do themselves, and what the player (or skirmish AI) is expected to do.

    Part of the issue with this sort of project is that it'll need stuff to be available (or customised) server-side to facilitate some parts, like units being able to decide on locations themselves. Which would require us to have access to the server, and thus is already time-limited to sometime near release. Certainly a worthwhile project in my opinion though ;)

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