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    Congrats guys for moving into an independant team !

    But I have a few questions :
    - Are you completely independant ?
    - How big are you ?
    - Are you dedicating your work to PA only ? Are you working for "almost" free ? (except PA sales but I guess they aren't that big now...)

    And the last, most important question : I loved the work on PA (and SC before). But on PA there was two things that made me not love the game as much as I would have :
    - the spherical maps : yes, flat maps are way more easy to navigate trough, and there's still lots of new gameplay ideas to add.
    - the units design : was kinda to cubic and sometimes it was hard to identify.
    So I'd like to know if the team is big enough to start working on a new game. I must say I loved the ideas shown in that "Human Ressources" trailer. And I'm quite disappointed by the last RTS releases from the past few years.
    If this can't happen, any way to bring the PA units (well, most of them) on flat maps ? Would play for sure !
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