Planetary Annihilation Inc - The Future of PA and Titans

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    Good to see you playing again!
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    Wow! I haven't played PA for quite some time now, just entered college and stuff, and am very happy to see this! I am curious through to what scale is new stuff happening. Are we talking just keeping the game going or like a rejuvenation of the game? Also is PA Inc a division of Uber or has PA become its own thing? I have so many questions, this is actually exciting!

    Either way, its good to see that my favorite PC rts is doing well!! May have to give PA a play this week as I only have one actual final so I have nothing to do.. :p
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    As a new player, I think I have a right to share my "new player feedback." This is a three year old game.

    When landing, and choosing a site on one of four planets. . . . . . . the indicator for the site I chose is "a thin red line in a circle, moving slightly."

    Why not a flag??? Why not a flag with the colours I chose???!???

    One of my friends is landing on one planet, my husband is landing on another; I'm landing with him. I've got my landing area picked, and I'm ready. I've done the tutorial!! . . . I've done some of the tutoriel: I know how to land.

    "No, land just a little ways to the east! Not that far, just over here? Here I'll ping it."

    What, what is this? "ping. . . It's too zoomed in; what are you talking about? Pings??"

    "Yah, here, I pinged right here, you see it? Now I'm pinging here, where I want you to land."

    Okay, I want to land there, I know how to land. . . . .

    Did I click the right place?? . . . I just mean, I was going to land a little ways to the west, so did I actually move the landing site? . . . . I can't tell. . . . . . . . . I'll just click again. . . . . . click? click click click?? I'm zoomed out a bit, and I just can't tell if I've moved the landing site. . . what if I go to my original landing site, can I see if anything is there. . ?

    2. . .1

    . . . . . .my friend has to go to work now. . . he's really sad. We lost. I mean, we're still in the game right now, but. . . . . finally we're done the game about when I finished this post. I built two towers to attack land units, and a tower to attack air units. I built four air units at someone else's factory. . . .

    . . . . . .I never found where I landed.

    My husband is ******* pissed. . . . . I'm pretty demoralized, and I don't know if I'll play the final parts of the tutorial.

    This is a three year old game. . . . I mean, if you want some help: I'm here, and I can help with a lot of stuff!

    I think, having a flag, on your landing site, and the flag is the same colours you chose. . . .. I think that would help a lot of people, maybe.

    Right now, you know, my friend has to go to work after this. Today, sucks now. I'm hopeful for tomorrow.

    I played this game maybe twice, years ago, with some different friends, and my husband again--although we weren't married yet--and I know he knows the game well, but the rest of us had a bad time. And, like, maybe this is a good game, but so far I just haven't been able to. . .kind of just play a few games, in relaxed way, to just see if it is a good game or not, yet.

    I'm busy: I'm not going to play five games; instead I'm going to tell you what you're doing wrong, so maybe I can actually land this thing next time, and try playing in another couple of years when I get to try this game again.

    Put a flag on the landing site. Have it be the colours you chose. . . . .maybe you could decorate the flag, with signs of your victories from multiplayer, and the campaign. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .Yah, that's me, and that's where I'm landing .

    Don't start the countdown to force a landing, at three seconds?!?? I didn't know there was a timer, at all!!!! :p Come on, I've actually landing into a few games earlier!

    If you were building a star ship, and had a self-destruct, you would surely build a way to cancel that self-destruct: would you set the self destruct timer to two seconds?????

    I didn't know there was a timer for landing! The other four to six games I've played, I've just finished the landing procedure. Friggin,' look down this time "hey buddy, you got one second here, MOVE IT!" Oh, thanks. . !

    Why not, like. . . .I don't know, a graphic on the screen: "landing will be forced in ten seconds," and there's two of those alarm klaxon spinning around, and they're shining huge beams of red light everywhere, so you know something's really going down here! WoooOOOOOoPPPP!! WooooooOOOOOoooPPP!! Landing will be forced in ten seconds. Frigging some lights going on and off, like it's a self-destruct system: I mean, I ended up self-destructing when I missed it! Let's do it! Come on~~~!! :D

    And I'm standing with that flag: I think it would help people; I think it could help a lot of people.

    Video games should cheer us up. After we play them we should. . .or at least someone should feel happier. . ? I hope that. . . . . that in a few years when I get to play this game again, this game will make at least one of my friends happy--and maybe it can make me happy, too, you know I'm also suffering from very sever depression.

    When I looked at units flying around between planets: that looked so awesome. I really hope I will have fun with this game, or with another game, someday.

    From what I know of camouflage, when it's so minimal like just one line, when it's moving around it's even harder to see, because your mind think "that's the the grass rustling. . ." "That's some lava flowing. . ." That's why your kite that fell in the grass stands out: because it's not moving, while the grass is rustling in the breeze. But if you kite is stuck to a tree branch, and is moving with the tree branch in the wind, you might have trouble seeing it: especially if the design on your kite is "thin lines."
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    You mean I landed on another planet???????

    It seems someone had probably seen me there.

    What the. . . .how was I ever going to find myself. . . I was on another planet?????

    Why would I land on another planet? I at least clicked on this planet!! I mean, man, land me on the planet I'm clicking on at least!! What?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys, I am excited for this game: I look forward to playing it more. . .. . It's no wonder this game has been lacking in it's achievement towards: "a huge success. . ." in terms of fame, popularity, people talking about it. . .

    I still think it can be, even a great success: just put a flag on those planets! :D

    PS: Guys. . . I really do enjoy your game: even after going just a few minutes in, I can tell there's quality about. . . . . I hope you'll let my posts stay up: I think the new player experience is important. Ah. . .. Gosh, I hope it really won't be so long until I get to play it again this time. .
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    PA Inc is a separate entity from Uber Entertainment. There are some familiar faces from the people who created PA.

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