Planetary Annihilation Inc - The Future of PA and Titans

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    You mean I landed on another planet???????

    It seems someone had probably seen me there.

    What the. . . .how was I ever going to find myself. . . I was on another planet?????

    Why would I land on another planet? I at least clicked on this planet!! I mean, man, land me on the planet I'm clicking on at least!! What?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys, I am excited for this game: I look forward to playing it more. . .. . It's no wonder this game has been lacking in it's achievement towards: "a huge success. . ." in terms of fame, popularity, people talking about it. . .

    I still think it can be, even a great success: just put a flag on those planets! :D

    PS: Guys. . . I really do enjoy your game: even after going just a few minutes in, I can tell there's quality about. . . . . I hope you'll let my posts stay up: I think the new player experience is important. Ah. . .. Gosh, I hope it really won't be so long until I get to play it again this time. .
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    PA Inc is a separate entity from Uber Entertainment. There are some familiar faces from the people who created PA.

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