Planetary Annihilation Championship Series

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    Hello guys!
    I wanted to announce that together with PA INC, I will be organizing weekly tournaments in Planetary Annihilation with monthly prizepool 500$! :D

    Format of the tournament series:

    1. 3 tournaments at the beginning of the month, each saturday, 100$ each

    2. Monthly final with 200$ prizepool in the last week, all donations go to increase it.

    1. The split is 65$ for first place, 25$ for second and 10$ randomly drew from people outside of top8.

    2. The split is 100$/50$/25$/25$ in monthly finals + possible donations. They will be initially used to provide prizes for 5th and 6th place and then to increase top places. Ideally, I would want to provide as many players as possible with some prizes.
    For our viewers, we have prediction game. You can predict the results of games in chat before games. Whoever has the most correct predictions, wins commander skin

    Top1 of each smaller tournament qualifies to monthly finals and the rest of players gather points in each stops and then top5 of players who gather the most points will qualify to monthly finals too.

    Place: Points:

    1: 30
    2: 24
    3 - 4: 16
    5 - 6: 10
    7 - 8: 8
    9 - 12: 5
    13 - 16: 3
    17 - 24: 2
    25 - 32: 1

    This format is experimental and can change during next months. This month we will have 2 small tournaments and then monthly, because we are starting in the middle of the month.

    Here's signup link, everyone is welcome.
    Even if you think you have no chances to win, it should be a lot of fun and you can get 10$ if you end up outside of top8.

    The match format will be:
    Best of 5 - finals
    Best of 3 - semifinals and quarterfinals
    Best of 1 - Round of 16 and ro32

    Maps will be ladder maps and will be announced in detail soon.

    It will be streamed on

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    Sounds awesome. Looking forward to it.
  3. xankar

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    finna boutta gonna wipe the floor with you nerds
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    Probably want to give 3rd place prize in finals something higher than 4th place prize—there is otherwise no incentive to win the match for 3rd place (if there is one).

    If the intent is just to declare a tie between the 2 losers of the semifinals without needing an extra 3rd place match though, ignore what I said.
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    cool, nice work matiz.

    1v1's only or team games too?

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