PA troubles with screen (Windows).

Discussion in 'Support!' started by weckolol44, September 13, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    So i have a quite strange problem with my Game.
    I instaled the game with Steam, everything goes well. When i launch the game i have the video you got hte first time, then i come to the home menu and my screen start to flicker all black like every second it goes from black to normal to black to normal .... (i tried the game on my Mac version, cause im running it on bootcamp) and everything works perfectly!

    Could you please help me here, cause on my Mac im running the game with all settings max without any troubles, at least not graphicals ones.

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    Really should have posted under the parent forum (mods will likely move it for you, so don't worry). You probably just need to update your drivers. You should provide an attached DxDiag.txt so other's can help (search the forum if you need instructions).

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