PA 5th bi-weekly video contest! 2/16-3/1

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    annnnd we have our winners! We had a tie this round for 2nd place, which means our top 3 are just 1st and 2nd place :p Also, based on feedback, we'll be spreading these out to once a month. I'll post the next one the last week of March.

    Congrats to the following :) Videos will be going up shortly.

    First Place - @wpmarshall

    Second Place (tie) - @gameg1rl

    Second Place (tie) - @b8factor
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    This is great @jables , thanks a lot for the video contest altogether!

    Nevertheless, I think only 3 community-generated videos each month are far too few. Possibly, voting for the best 3 "generically cool" PA videos (like most of the ones that went up already) every 3-4 weeks is about right in terms of frequency. But this awesome initiative by you, guys at Uber, it being monthly, will actually miss out some really remarkable opportunities for game visibility and player community expansion and consolidation; all things that will only benefit the game's public perception and even boos the sales.

    The two main kinds of videos that will be left out are: tutorials and, most importantly, community-driven event trailers.

    I will post in the general discussion polling to check the reception of this idea and outlining some suggestions on how to (imho) make the best of the video contests. You guys can check all the feedback in that thread and decide to change the basis of the contests accordingly. In any case, thank you very much for this awesome initiative again, it really is having a positive impact in the community, so I just hope that this remains to be the case.
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    To be honest I never actually look in the videos section, where these videos are posted. Part of that is me running the exodus mod, but I don't check out their videos-feed in-game either. I don't know if anybody else does the same.

    The useful thing I wanted to get through is this: When I played League of Legends, they sometimes had this patch highlight-video covering ~1/4 of the "front page" of their client. That one I actually watched sometimes. I highly doubt that it was because I was interested in the patch notes, it was probably because it was so easily available while waiting for friends to connect.

    Now you could argue that if I click an item in the videos-section of PA, the video will pop up ingame and start playing. Yes, it is true, but in my view it is not as easily available or visible as the video was in the LoL-client. In there, it was visible, not moving, not disturbing, and easily accessible. It was also very easy to spot when a new video was uploaded.

    If this kind of strategy was used for showing the videos from this video contest, I would watch them more often. I would definitely not have forgotten all about it, as I admittedly had done before I found @Zaphys thread in the general discussion.

    Edit: On a side note I have to say I like how the patch notes are presented in-game in the upper right corner. I'd suggest presenting one video in the same manner.

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