Our ex-devs getting roughed-up by take-two. rise together and boycott KSP 2!

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    Check out these articles : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/arti...ogram-2-release-disrupted-by-corporate-strife

    So I didn't know this but Uber Entertainment became Star Theory and they were contracted to make KSP 2.

    what's not to love right? I personally hold Uber Ent dear as well as KSP, match made in heaven.

    Seeing that the crew was the right fit for the project and an opportunity to cut costs, Take Two, their publisher, screwed them over, managed to poach over a third of their employees before coronavirus hit and when it did hit they were left without a contract and no prospects of getting one so they were forced to close.

    This is low even by the game industry standard.

    Hopefully you agree and believe it's our responsibility to not stand idle and proclaim ourselves against these practices.
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