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    Part from a summary from Nanolathe; I agree.

    This is how I currently see orbital units.

    (T2) Orbital laucher (builds and shoot into the atmosphere)
    The Orbital launcher, builds: (the folowing units and shoot them into the planets orbit.)
    -Radar satalite
    -Interplanary Spy satalite
    -Solar array
    -Orbital fabber
    -Transport Pod (one way trip, On launch you must load up a unit and choose on what planet you want to sent it to.)

    Orbital Fabber, builds:
    -Orbital Factory (static or slow moving)
    -Orbital Defence platform (static or slow moving, anti orbital units)
    -Orbital Gas Mine
    -Orbital Anti-Nuke Defence
    (These might need to be interplantary)
    -Seidge Orbital Drop Factory
    -Seidge Orbital Drop Laser Tower
    -Seidge Orbital Drop AA Defence

    Orbital Factory, builds:
    -Orbital Fighter (anti orbital units)
    -Orbital Laser (anti ground, can track targets under it.)
    -Orbital bombardment platform(anti ground, AOE)
    -Orbital Nuke launcher
    -Advanced Radar Satalite
    -Advanced Interplantary Spy satalite
    -Orbital Lander (can land on moons and stuff with low admosfeer)
    -Orbital Dropship (yes, transport; picks up units from a planet. Drops them from orbit or must decent, I dunno)

    -AO Tank (Anti-Orbital)
    -AO Submarine
    -Umbruella (AO Cannon, Good vs stationary/slow orbital units)
    -AO Laser ( Good vs moving orbital units)
    -Nuke it. (if orbit can nuke me, I can nuke orbit; right?)

    To get dropship: Commander, T1 Factory, T1 fabber, T2 Factory, T2 Fabber, Orbital launcher, Orbital Fabber, Orbital Factory, Dropship.
    To get Astroid: Commander, T1 Factory, T1 fabber, T2 Factory, T2 Fabber, Orbital launcher, Transport Pod, 3x Halley Delta-V.

    This is just my take what units should orbital have and units to counter orbital. Good units, bad units? Good build order? Let me know!
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