nice game

Discussion in 'Videos And Replays!' started by ghostdepla, January 1, 2014.

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    the game looks good
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    Glad you think so. Some of the game videos show really dedicated players though and are highly exaggerative of how great and fun it can be.

    Remember, it is still beta. Area commands just were added, and they don't divide labor up yet (all units given same command in same order, all build same things in same order, reclaim same items at same time, attack same single units one after another). There are other weird bugs and unpolished items and things not yet came. For another instance, all games are acquired online, the server is not yet released so the game servers are connected to even for AI games atm. Server will be released with full game when the game is officially released.

    People still manage having all kinds of fun playing it, and it is great to watch and see development progress and gameplay. I would recommend anyone to watch it played so they know what they are choosing to buy, as it is not a base building rts a la C&C and its methods of playing are different to StarCraft.

    That being said, I always enjoy watching dedicated players, and I always enjoy when outside people compliment what they see. The popularity is great, there is much to love, as long as people know what this game is as it is not a very common genre anymore and people sometimes don't expect what this game is. I was like 12 when I played C&C Red Alert 2, I initially didn't understand why people would play overhead army build and command games, until I tred it out and actually became fond of playing it.

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