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    First, after playing the video, the video restarted with only the sound. The video was "invisible". I had to relaunch the launcher to make the video stop playing.

    Then, I started a multiplayer game. I noted the game was extremely laggy with very different framerates (no exact numbers), no matter what setting I used (from low to uber, no difference). My commander never spawned, even after clicking the green zone. I suppose I had to wait for the other players to choose a location, but this never seemed to have happened. I don't know if this is due a bug or that there was a sleeping/afk player.

    Finally, I started a game by myself. I had the chance to move my commander around, put down a metal extractor and power plant. I wasn't able to put down anything else because I wasn't able to select any new structure to build. It seemed clicking on a "build x" icon just didn't do anything.

    Additional notes:
    - I couldn't select anything (incl. commander) with a selectionbox (mouse-down, drag, mouse-up)
    - I was only able to select anything using doubleclick.

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