Matchmaking penalty from 'login rejected'

Discussion in 'Support!' started by sebovzeoueb, December 21, 2014.

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    I tried to play a couple of ladder games, and I got a 'login rejected', that put me back to the main menu. When I tried to queue again I got the penalty for abandoning a match, even though it seems to be a problem with UberNet rather than me abandoning. I tried to queue again after it expired, and the same thing happened so I got an even longer penalty.

    EDIT: I also just got something telling me that I haven't accepted the match in time, and I just played a custom game that was extremely laggy, so either Uber's servers are playing up, or my connection is, or there is some problem relating to my connection to Uber. My internet doesn't seem particularly slower than usual today, and speedtest is giving me around 5Mbps down and 0.9 up, which is fairly usual for me.
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