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Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by 0m3gaa, December 12, 2016.

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    Hello. I am relatively new to modding, though I have played PA:Titans for some time. I wanted to know if anyone had any guides or advice to begin working on adding new loadouts to Galactic War. I have a moderate amount of JavaScript experience.

    I want to play around with the loadouts and other Galactic War variables. I've played as all of the default loadouts and I want to create other interesting loadouts.

    I have seen Nemuneko's "Galactic War Unique Loadouts" and I am looking through the files for how they did it. I can put a few of the pieces together, and I'll probably get more of an idea the more I look at it.

    Also, I'd like to know specifically how to test mods. I saw something about the PTR, but I didn't know if that was accurate. Also, is it possible to mount mods onto PA without putting them into the searchable 'mod database' that everyone uses?

    Thank you for any assistance that you can send my way.
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