Lore question on Ships (Hyper Speculative)

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    The backers lounge seems rather quiet as most use the general section since 90% on this forum have the game. But I am posting this here just to avoid any problems.

    In GC the systems lore mentions a lot about space combat between the Progeneratiors and others. I know of one talking of fitting a merchant fleet with weapons and even included notes about battleships and carriers. Is adding space fleet combat something being pitched/worked on? Or am I reading too deep into the fluff?

    Mind I am fine picturing my commander in standby mode rocketing though the years of space travel until it lands on the surface then beginning combat mode.
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    The whole idea of Commanders is that transporting a single commander is a heck of a lot simpler than trying to send big complex ships or transporting armies around.

    Also when you look at things within a single system Orbital mostly plays like space ships already >.>

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