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Discussion in 'Looking For A Clan' started by xerdkv, December 18, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to MP in PA, Giving it a shot after beating galactic war absurd for 3 the 3rd time and getting bored/train up from the process.
    I've found out for the last 24hrs of MP that it's difficult to end up with a good-communicative teammate, Had to deal a 2 or more vs me several times because of disconnectors already! (i've won that kind of match and it was a crazy and draining fight).

    Might surprise you even tho I sound nubbish ;)

    So you can add me in game: darkenv

    Cya there :)
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    Try ranked and where you get placed. I think learning for yourself tell you hit plat uber level is best. Then you can learn the crazy micro and other stuff from uber level people

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