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    Hello everybody,

    my nick is Arachnis87, I'm from Germany and I'm looking for a clan.
    My aim is to play competitively (clan wars, tournaments) once the game has taken it's finished form.
    So that means that I'm looking for a clan that has a bit of a history in the competitive scene.
    Preferably one that is playing on the EU Servers.

    A bit about my history in gaming:

    I was a Counter-Strike progamer a decade ago. The most ambitious clan that I was in was in the top 10 of the international ladder "clanbase", playing clanwars against famous clans like mTw or mouse. I was a squadleader of my own squad back then.

    Then I played Jedi Knight: Academy, and made it into the second best international clan at that time called star.aiming. We were only inferior to aXiom at that time. But we had good connections to one another and had a lot of good matches against eachother.

    After that I was competitively playing Dota in tournaments for quite some time. Not nearly as successful though. I also disliked the community there. Nowhere else would you find so much flame going on.

    The latest game that I was playing competitively was Starcraft 2. In there I made it into the top of the master-league on the EU Servers. Staying at rank 1-3 for the most time, and sometimes slipping into Grandmaster-league for a day or two before getting beaten down again.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I was playing WoW for quite some time. I was member of the clan "Blutkrieger", which means Bloodwarriors. The clan happened to be the one that had the very first level 60 characters in Europe. So it was quite competitive too, as you might guess.

    Now I'm playing PA. And I would say that I'm not bad, but I just need a clan to play with to be able to improve my gameplay. I'm ok with playing test-matches if you want me to.
    But don't expect me to play like a pro because I haven't played this game for that long, yet.

    So if you're interested then PM me or leave a message down below.

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    Hi, if youre interested in a German clan, look here: https://forums.uberent.com/threads/voices-of-war-german-clan.53093/

    We have already some good players, but want to grow in PA. ColaColin who is know around here is our best man, and one of the best at PA right now! im sure you can learn from him, and when you are as good as him, you both can profit from that.^^

    you can write me a pm, or join our TS, the data is on our page.

    Our current active players are:

    and some others who backed the game but dont like it, and so dont play it that often.
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    I was going to offer but I think the German clan that has been mentioned might suit your needs better? If not PM me.

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