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    Hello all, I have taken a lead in creating a 1v1 tournament for the best players that Planetary Annihilation can give, and this tournament will determine the best player in planetary annihilation.

    Format: 4 rounds of single elimination, 16 players, in the event of 32 players (very unlikely) i will add an extra round.
    Date/Time: Saturday September 1st, 17:00 UTC
    Expected run time: Between 2 and 3 hours
    Mods: eXodus esports map pack and Super Stats, no server mods
    Maps: Derisia, T-Kure Atoll, Moore and Hades, i'll add and extra map in case of 32 players

    Even though some of you won't participate in the tournament, you can still tag along and watch the games casted by WPmarshall
    All players that will be participating will have to be in the PA community centre discord 30 minutes early

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