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Discussion in 'Backers Lounge (Read-only)' started by sirvladamir, September 13, 2013.

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    Would be good to just reduce the fighters rate of fire and slow them down a little.

    Yeah I have mentioned before that doxers should get a vision better than that range of the ant so they can be used better.

    He was talking nerfing fighters a little and not make them even better at killing bombers. Don't understand what increasing the range because they are too fast will do? Can you explain better or is just so it looks better?
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    Clopse - for me the issue is that 5 missiles will kill 5 targets. They will also fly out of their nominated range a little to do so.

    An adjustment to missile turn speed would change that just a little, as would a change so that missiles can't independently acquire lock on a new target.
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    oh I was thinking that he was talking about the T-1/T-2 balance on air...
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