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    I just feel its capacity is too small, any one does?
    Player are almost only in two states, lacking energy or wasting energy.

    I check the PADB, the capacity of energy storage is only 100K.
    It gets fully filled by a single T1 power plant in just 166 sec.
    But we all have much more power plants rather than single one.
    Building a T1 factory requires about 34K to 54K power.
    Building a T2 factory requires about 270K power, which is near the capacity of 3 energy storage.

    On the other hand, the metal storage is very useful.
    Because the metal extractor is cheaper than factory,
    sometime the player needs a little time to build more factories and catch up the income.
    The metal storage can greatly reduce the waste.
    It get 20K capacity.
    Just 2 metal storage can store the metal of a Titan!

    Please consider the energy efficiency, the required energy per metal of T1 fabricator is about 57 to 88.
    But the capacity of energy storage is only 5 time of the metal storage's.
    The capacity of energy storage is really too small.
    I think the appropriate capacity for energy storage is about 500K ~ 1000K.
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  2. shot2400

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    i would agree with the statement that you are either wasting or bathing in energy. I would like to see a nice buff to energy storage just to allow a little more breathing room!
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  3. Engineer1234

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    I changed energy storage to 800.000 capacity in my War Turtle mod, which gets you the same 1:8 metal to energy ratio as a basic fabber, and yes that works way better :)
    You can then build storage in a 1:1 ratio and be effective.
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    you need to realise that energy and metal are supposed to be diffrent kind of resources. The way it is is fine.
    This is a game about expansion and tactics and continious building of lots and lots of units and buildings. increasing the energy storage would make players play more turtle like...
  5. huangth

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    I think it in totally reverse, larger energy storage can reduce the energy waste.
    The good players can expand even faster since they can manage the resource better than before.

    When a player build too many power plants, the energy will be wasted in current version.
    But if the player can build a large energy storage, the player can store the extra energy for later usage.

    When player build more factories to catch up the power production,
    it turns only no energy in no time for current version.
    And the player must add power plants immediately.
    But if the player stores the extra energy previously, the player can get a longer delay time before exhausting of energy.

    Larger energy storage can reduce the difficulty to manage the economy.
    It is good for newbie and pro players, no matter they want to play turtle or crazy expand.
  6. walmartdialup

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    I do like building energy storage. While I don't think its the smartest thing to do, just build more energy, I like to have a buffer in my economy.

    The only reason why storage isn't really a bigger deal like its metal counterpart is because a lot of the more energy demanding units aren't in the main strategies.

    -sparks can't lead an army
    - Icarus is flimsy and can't cause a lot of damage
    - combat fabs are fun but ehh.

    It would be interesting if a player could show strength by the amount of energy they have. Maybe give the spark a range buff if energy storage is over 200k? Longer range uber cannon for larger storage? A speed boost for the Icarus if energy is above 200k?

    Just like metal storage is only good for metal producing and consuming acts (tree eco and T2?), energy storage should share its own strengths. Currently there are none, other than to have a buffer for the sake of buffer.
    The phrase should be buffer for the sake of buffing.
  7. Phireh

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    I think the real problem here is that metal and energy storage both cost 450 metal while being nowhere even near in their usefulness. You can make 1 metal storage if you're expanding too fast in early game. Maybe 2 if you're floating hard in lategame. For energy storage to make a difference you need to build a LOT more of them. The situations where you need energy storage are fewer and it's not that important, so why not make it cheaper and make it more viable?

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