I would love a collaboration with Ronimo Games for some exclusive benefits.

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by christer1966, July 9, 2015.

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    Ronimo Games is a Dutch indie games company who made the games Swords and Soldiers and Awesomenauts. This is just pure fantasy but I think it would be really cool if Uber teamed up with Ronimo to give the owners of both PA and Awesomenauts some exclusive bonuses. There is an Awesomenaut called Clunk who is a giant robot who shoots missiles and also can cause a nuclear explosion, damaging himself and his enemies. Does he sound anyone you guys know? *Cough* Commander *Cough*. Sorry about that, I have a sore throat. Anyway, it would be awesome (see what I did there :) ) if Uber could make a custom "Clunk" commander exclusive to owners of both games and Ronimo could make a Delta Commander skin for Clunk exclusive to owners of both games. This could expand the player bases of both games and benefit both companies financially. As I said, this is all just a dream and I doubt it would happen any time soon, what with the however many more custom commanders that need to be made, but nonetheless I think it is a pretty good idea.
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    I don't think he'll fit into PA's art style. Also Uber already have a huge back log of custom commanders they're still working on for the kickstarter backers.
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    Congratulations. You had a dream and then you posted about it. Your therapy is coming along nicely.
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    hehe I know the guys from Ronimo personally. Anyway they only do 2D games and have a very strong own interests in what games they make. However I think collaboration in a way you describe as in small easter eggs from both companies is imo always good and fun. It just takes time and I don't think either Uber or Ronimo has the time for it haha.

    Also, another thing suddenly comes to mind. The Communities of PA and Awesomenauts are totally diffrent. Some like Moba's, some like RTS and a few of both communites like both. The communities are vastly diffrent and thus one can expect a bare minimum of players gained by this and is most likely not worth the effort, time and money.

    SMNC and Awesomenauts would work better as both are a diffrent take on Moba's and the communities are closer in regards to interest.
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    would rather love a collaboration with the devs of airmech from carbon games .. iirc one of them even visited the forum ...

    PA and airmech actualy have quite some things in common ...
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