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Discussion in 'Support!' started by Polorboy, October 20, 2019.

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    I got (looks at Steam) this game back in 2014, played it for 44 minutes, thought it was pretty dumb and haven't touched it since. I was looking at RTS games and this kept coming up as a "good" game. So, I looked at it again and saw that I could "upgrade" it to the TITANS edition for only a few bucks. So, I figured sure, why not. Now, I haven't touched this game in 5 years so I do not remember a thing about it. I don't remember what kind of setup I had back then either. Now, however, I have 3 27 inch 2560x1440 monitors for a total of 7680x1440 ultrawide resolution. I can guess you know where this is going, and no I do not have that explicitly for gaming so I really don't care if a game works at that resolution or not, in fact I actually prefer to run it at just 2560x1440 if I can. I also don't mind games running full screen spanning across all three screens but sometimes, just sometimes, the game isn't made for it and it runs like crap when you do that. Well, this is one of those games. It is horrible at that resolution. It stutters, looks bad, and just runs horribly. No, I don't have a slow computer, you try to put together a slow computer that cost $6k in parts. So, thinking this was like any other modern game from the past 20+ years it had that ability to easily change resolutions, run at just 2560x1440 and keep it in the center monitor. Well, apparently that is not the case, as I am sure most here are very well aware of as the shear number of complaints on this issue would lead one to believe that this company would actually address this. Well, again apparently, they have decided to completely ignore the issue and are convinced that this resolution scaling crap is an actual solution. It isn't, it is that, crap, absolute garbage. Why is it so hard to add the option to have normal screen resolution settings in a game, especially a "modern" game. I could see if this was something from the early to mid 90's, but this is ridiculous.
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    I run multi displays.... if all you are doing is wanting to run PA on your centre screen at native resolution then I don't really understand your problem? I run 3 x 1080p screens, I run PA on one 1080p screen on the centre display with no problems. I have done so since the game was in Alpha as well.....

    How have you configured your 3 screens? What OS are you running on?

    I am on Windows 10, running the 3 displays as extended desktops so I can multitask. I have PA set to borderless windowed mode and maximise it on the centre display (that way I can alt tab out to things on the other displays when I want).

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