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Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by veta, March 24, 2013.

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    At the moment units feel like beeing made out of paper.
    I would prefer fewer units with higher HP to DPS ratios per game / battle.

    Also there are too many metal points clustered together per spot / area for my taste. If metal is quite scarce, fights over the few spots would be more interesting in my opinion.

    Changing both of the above would make every single unit more valuable.

    But it's still early alpha.
  2. comham

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    Hah, I hadn't considered it this way.

    Judging by the scale of PA wrecks/units/terrain right now, it seems like this might work quite well in 1.0
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    I agree overall here.

    PA needs the 'operatic' feeling of combat between units like TA did to really bring the game to life, because that is what TA did so amazingly and satisfyingly well compared even to modern RTS games today.

    Good point about the wreckage being used tactically too.

    So yeah higher HP to DPS ratios, the possibility of less accurate fire and using wreckage tactically and you're there!
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    For me it comes down to a simple question, is this a micro or macro level game? The devs have stated they are building a macro level game. the adj. base building sounds micro. The game is primarily about fighting and conflict, not base building. If you make us have to build a certain way to get the most bonus then you have added a micro task. With the hp vs damage I think its just a careful balance to low hp means for a lot of micro. To much HP leads to long drawn out wars.

    I love the game already, even though we are only in alpha. I think the devs have done an incredible job in a short amount of time. I'm very optimistic about the games finish. However, I do think a lot of threads are a little ahead of themselves. There are some balancing things we can do right now, but until metal points are fully functional and we have the option to go between masses (different planets, moons, asteroids) I don't think we really will be able to balance the game.
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    Definitely agree that battles should be something that last. its just over way to soon atm.
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    I think the relative hp/dps ratio should be handled with wreckage.
    Quick raid on unprotected positions should be able to do damage before the ennemy has the time to bring renfort.
    On frontlines, it should take more time to make advance. Because of all the wreckage, units have way more relative hp and it becomes more like a trenches war.

    It create that dynamic field of battle that is quite unique to TA.
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    I definitely agree with the OP. The battles in TA are more continuous and forgiving than in Forged Alliance. It's the one aspect I enjoy most about them.

    Particularly when we're dealing with spherical maps that make it hard to track everything all the time the combat should be forgiving. Losing all your units in 5 seconds because you didn't micro them shouldn't be a problem.
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    "I got all these cool bombers, better go attack him, but first let me just build some more factorys, whats that? my force of 50 bombers were killed by ants in 3 seconds"


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