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    Each faction has a file describing them and the planets they inhabit, etc. I have a few questions, particularly about how the personality works. Every commander within a faction seems to have the same stats, so they can be compared by faction.

    There are percentages for land, orbital, air and naval. What happens on a moon (for example). If everything was at 25%, which of these happens:
    • No water so split between the remaining. The rest act as if they were set to 33%
    • Whatever's missing defaults to land, so we end up with land 50%, orbital 25%, air 25%
    • Something else
    Recently I fought against 2 foundation (purple) ai, and they went heavy T2 land and T2 air (in fact 7 or 8 games against 2 purple ai in a row and they went with this strat every time). My next battle was 3 legonis machina (blue) ai, and that seemed easier. The personality stats suggest that it should have been harder (blue also has a bigger econ_rate, logic suggests this is a buff not a nerf?). Purple going heavy T2 land every time didn't seem to fit their personality, so I figured maybe I'm reading these files wrong:


    The eco demand and drain checks, does one cause the ai to build more eco when it falls below it, the other cause the ai to build more factories when it rises above it?

    micro_type and neural_data_mod; should we touch them, what do they do, and what are the valid settings?
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