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    I`m searching for a possibility to deactivate the resource multiplier in GW.

    I like PA but I hate to rush (build 10 fabs at the first 5 min. to build 500 tanks in 3 min and win the game in 10 min) to win against the higher AI.

    My problem is I beat the hard AI without probs. (GW) The relentless and absurd AI use an economy multiplier and some other changes ( more commanders, no T2 delay and so on.

    I like all the changes ( more commanders, no T2 delay) but the AI benefits too much from the EM.

    Does anyone known how to deactivate the EM in GW?
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    Create a mod that shadows ui/main/game/galactic_war/shared/js/gw_balance.js

    Change econBase and econRatePerDist

    (It might be possible to do a scene mod that overrode those values without shadowing, but it's not quite as approachable)

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