Grenadier>Ant :(

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Grenadier Nerf?

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  1. Yes, and buff the ants

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  2. Yes, but don't buff the ants

  3. No

  4. No, but buff the ants

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  1. zihuatanejo

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    Replay or GTFO ;) hah, seriously, if that didn't save, that sucks man, I wanna watch that!
  2. pjkon1

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    I'm curious what people's opinions are on this subject now that some time has passed. In my experience the OP has been more vindicated then refuted by the development of the meta thus far. While those who pointed out that gredaniars have low health, low speed, and lack aa are obviously correct, nobody in my experience goes pure grenadiars. When the grenadiar army composition is alloyed to some degree, usually by includng infernos to tank damage, spinners to deal with air and a few bolos to stop dox that survive the grenades, or booms, the grenadiar army achieves the OP status versus a pure tank army that the OP claims.

    Now, I am not the most skilled player, but I wouldn't say I'm that bad. I am plat 1 right now during the great, hopefully temporary, exodus of skilled players which has reduced the number of uber ranked players to 7. Most of my games occur against people not in the uber league. Is this phenomenon simply a product of my lack of skill, or are grens really OP when used properly?
  3. mot9001

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    Grenadiers are faster then any t1 vehicle and shoot further then any t1 vehicle, therefor they kill them all. Bomber can be scary but with just a few spinners in the mix its no problem at all anymore. Dox and boombots can be used effectively against just grenadiers (still takes some skill) but with a few ants, dox and infernos in a mix thats heavy on the grenadiers, you kill all t1 compositions i think. I'd say grenadiers are as overpowered as how well you micro them. The better your apm and micro, the more grenadiers you should use.
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