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    Hello, GreatBalancer here.

    Maps for all type of games.1v1,2vs2,3vs3,4vs4,5vs5 and FFA's.Land,water,multiplanet stuff. 60+ systems you will find here.Warning! A lot off biomes was used here.Also watch players count in system description for best experience!

    Map list:
    amaranth 5p ffa system v2
    aorta 10p system
    argosso 2vs2 system
    arkonisa_8p system
    asura single 5 vs 5 system
    asura`s hulk xvx
    balrog 6p v2 system
    boiling point 3vs3 system v2
    bubble 8p system v2
    burma 1vs1 system
    cataclysm 10p system v3
    cold and hot 4p system
    cosmic mirror 10p system
    crusher 5p ffa system
    dark and green 4p system
    deep space 1vs1 v4 system
    demon's mass 1vs1 system
    devil's prison 4p system
    eriko 4p system v1
    flame prison 4p system
    gasoline 4p system
    green fathership 6p system
    green hills 7p ffa system
    gregor's fight 1 vs 1 system
    hot maze 4p ffa system
    jamatra 5vs5 v2 system
    kalivala 9p system v4
    krogoth 4vs4 system
    la la kill 2 vs 2 system
    mammoth 6p system
    minken good 1vs1 system
    mistral 3vs3 system
    moana 4vs4 v4 system
    moonlight shadow 5p ffa v2 system
    navajo 3vs3 system v2
    northgard 1vs1 system
    omi 1vs1 system
    path of despair 2vs2vs2 system
    raconidu 3vs3 system
    ragonot 10p system
    ragonot single 10p system
    riga 1v1 system v2
    road to nowhere 4p system v2
    rongo 2 vs 2 system
    rongo greato 8p system
    ryakonen easy 7p ffa system
    ryakonen hard 7p ffa system v4
    saga 5vs5 team system v2
    saga 10p system
    sandy battlefield 5p ffa system
    shadows and stones 4p system
    shiny land 4p system v2
    shivaxx 8p v1 system
    shredder's circle 6p ffa system
    sleeping beast 8p system v2
    stone in water 6p system
    treesa 1v1 system
    tuturama 4vs4 system
    unona 5p ffa v3 system
    valley g 2vs2 system
    warlord 8p system
    waterogeddon 1vs1 system
    white raccoon 4vs4 system
    wizard 1vs1 system v2
    yeti 5vs5 system v2 20220803195401_1.jpg View attachment 30668 20230429025847_1.jpg 20230429024813_1.jpg 20230429024658_1.jpg View attachment 30673 20230310162049_1.jpg View attachment 30671 20230310162240_1.jpg View attachment 30673 20230429024658_1.jpg
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