Gamemode idea involving rogue asteroids

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by Craptasket, June 29, 2013.

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    I want to get this idea out of my head before it drives me nuts. I really want to share this because it keeps the game-play intact but introducing massive levels of restriction. If anything, I see this as the ultimate test of endurance with limited resources.

    Hear me out, a gamemode with commanders on rogue asteroids in maybe a nebula or orbiting a blackhole. No lush planets around or massive opportunities to gain vast resources, you're stuck on a rock floating in space slugging it out with others in the same predicament. Here's what I thought to be the most interesting about it:

    battles/fog of war:
    Asteroids are on a path to meet each other for a time and then disappear in the nebula after separating (fog of war, yea???), cannons and sending bots over would be your main focus. With more players the more chaotic this would get. Maybe they come close enough planes can transfer through too.

    Fusion engines:
    The asteroids don't have to be cement glued to rails, maybe single engine can tilt the axis and face the side with all your cannons at the right time. (this alone is pretty sick). But if you're tight spot you can save your commander from a bombardment.

    Space restrictions:
    You're having to give up ground for cannons and needing power around to supply them, it's great micromanaging/sacrificing opportunities.

    I know this could probably be done on a map maker down the road, it's pretty basic if you think about it. Official support would be killer though. Just thought i'd share, thanks.
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    Re: Gamemode idea involving rouge asteroids

    Red Asteroids? Or maybe you mean Rogue? ;p

  3. neutrino

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    This sounds like it would make an amazing mod.
  4. paulzeke

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    really cool idea. Little asteroid fortresses battling it out sounds really awesome
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    That is something I had in mind too ;) Cool Idea!
  6. bobucles

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    I have no idea how this will play out. That's exciting as hell.
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    A battle like this orbiting a black hole sounds ridiculous, and amazing.

    If it was to be a fully implemented/supported thing it'd be amazing to have a gametype where all these little asteroids will end up being sucked up into the black hole after a certain amount of time, and so you must defeat your enemies and escape (or just prevent them from escaping) before you're sucked in.

    Aww yeah wishlisting :p

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