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    This is a small map pack containing some systems that I made. I'll add some pictures soon-ish. These are mostly shared team maps. I don't think any of them will do very well in games larger than 3v3 but the spawns will work.

    asdf - 2 shared teams/1v1 - The newest map in the collection. It's a lava planet with a fair amount of base metal but also lots of metal to expand to. There are two 'lanes' joining the bases, one short one with little metal, and one longer one with lots of metal. Locusts are strong on this one, but so are tanks.

    Dust - 2 shared teams/1v1 - A fairly large map with a short distance between the bases. Nearly all of the expansion is not near this path though; instead, it is near the equator. Air is very strong on this map but tanks cannot be forgotten. This map features a lot of choke points. Additionally, the asteroids are nearby, allowing a potential planet smash!

    Disaster Confirmed - >=10 players - Undoubtedly the map that took the longest to make. It has one very small platform that everyone spawns on, providing a ridiculous and very brief game.

    GlobalWarmingIsntReal - 2 shared teams/1v1 - A very large map with a few mountains separating the two bases. This one tends to be very air-spammy which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your playstyle. There is a lot of metal in the water, but it is very far away from the bases, so Leviathans won't be able to do much.

    RunningOutOfOriginalNames - 2 shared teams/1v1 - This is a medium-sized map that has a lot of trees and a lot of clustered expansion. Although there is little metal in the ponds, and they are very small, naval is extremely important on this map because it gives you access to Kaijus, and it is also fairly close to the bases.

    PressButtonsWinGame - 2 shared teams/1v1 - This is a small lava planet where the center of the map is fairly open. Some of the metal is equatorial but there are a fair amount of metal spots near the lava. Locusts can turn a game around on this map, and air won't be too effective.

    TrumpWasntRightAtAll - Any number of players - Yet another Trump joke. This map is basically Wadiya (by AdmiralGeneral), but it's completely naval.
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    Owing to the use of asynchronous calls to build the map, this mod doesn't work with Shared Systems for Galactic War. This could be resolved by using a static array of file names instead of the dynamically generated one.

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