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    It just shows that you never actually read the kickstarter with what the game is actually about. I hear you complaining about a feature thats 200.000 . Why buy the game and complain afterward.

    Fine I have some time then too specially for you
    Thats subjective. I've enjoyed the base game a lot. But if you're going to compare it with supcom then yeah its not that much. Then again they never promised a specific amount of units so that too is delivered. They never said anywhere there would be experimentals or lobbers or I dunno something. In the end you could build a base build a nice army composition and kill your foes. Sound Harsh huh?
    200.00 dollars it was and you bought it too so why so surpised afterwards? And naval plays completely different then land. It is the strongest force you can have and naval bases can be the most turtliest bases in PA history.
    Barely in it is in the end still in it. Again there wasn't really a list of we're gonna hand over these amount of orbital units and this amount of orbital gameplay. To be honest the only orbital gameplay in the video was some fabricator harvesting minerals from asteroids and building a halley to explode the planet. We got even more in the end.... I'm surprised by this too btw
    why buy the game then?
    I agree its poorly executed. Its not a true campaign but then again it never said anywhere it would? Haven't played battlefront either so can't talk about that with you. Anyways I only liked the starcraft campaign in RTS history. So I can't really argue with that .
    That is really really rude to say dude. The orchestral score is amazing and adds so much more atmosphere. The thing is: if you haven't heard both version then yeah you have no clue with how much difference it gives. If you really want to then I can try and search for both version cause the difference is phenomenal.
    Yeah I agree that would be good. There is however a roadmap that shows the deadline on the second of februari
    scary right?

    So the final tally: They actually never promised that much. You're complaigning about features that cost 200.000 dollars which already were set in stone and given money for so why pay for the game then? It just shows that you had no clue with what you bought for that amount of money and thus here you come afterwards complaining about things you assumed were in.

    The difference between you and me? Expectations. Where I waited till the game really was shaping up into something and being able to get it for €45 you on the other hand bought it earlier for 90 dollar with no idea what you really bought.

    indeed GG no RE pls.
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    They made a fun game and yes it was with up's and downs.
    The problem is you said to yourself this is a bad game and i'm gonna prove it.

    Yes the comet smashing was not like they originally showed but if you followed they went to hell to try and make it work and they gave an alternative option. they could also just leave them out.
    The problems started when they went to steam (but thats how i got it). The steam community all grouped togerther like a boycot to make this game look as bad as possible. And even with all that effort to stop pa they still have a lobby with always games to play. The game does not feel buggy at all, the only thing that you can say is that multiple worlds can be confusing. Even with large scale battles over large scaled worlds runs smoothly without problems.

    So if you with the today build have a problem with pa just don't play cuzz it's grinded into your head whilst this is a very good and (almost) well balanced game.

    For example i am a fan of space engineers who have been rewarded with indie game of the year. they even don't have a decent working multiplayer and hase more bugs then features, still people love it(sure as hell did not deserve the award in it's current state). Where would they be if they had the same community as the one you are supporting?

    for short pa is a very well game that is a worthy sequal to games in it's theme (aka supreme commander total annihalation). And the visuals are maybe less but he makes it up good in gameplay and run speed.
    And if u don't like the music then change it.

    p.s. ever seen how low titans get's priced sometimes?
    You can hardly call that greedy!
    There are a lot of games costs double that much and give you but a quarter of what this game gives...
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    I backed this game's development with 90 buck before the alpha was out, got promised all future updates, and now I have to BUY titans???? I feel reall cheated now; especially because the original game was ABSOLUTELY BORING so i stopped following it completely. I hope Uber Ent goes bankrupt.
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    I'd love to see where it said that on the game's Steam listing page.
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    If u backed it you don't have to buy titans...
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    Because when you support a kickstarted project you expect to get the project goals. And you admit that we didn't. So why are we even arguing?
    Also, I must mention that it is now February 8th.
    I had an idea of what I was buying, I haven't even gotten into dev statements yet. That's the five sentence synopsis of the kickstarter. You'd be hard pressed to defend half of the items blatantly not put into the game in dev diaries. But if they released it, my job would be easier wouldn't it?

    The difference between you and me is indeed expectations. I expect to get a finished product when I fund a kickstarter. You expect to get nothing. And I have no idea why that is. Maybe you are made of money.
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    A clear sign of having misunderstood kickstarter.
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    Though to be fair to Uber, they did deliver a finished product. That it doesn't match the original design 100%, well that's game design. Congratulations, you got to see how the sausage is made.
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    Love the metaphore. It amuse me and scares me at the same time :s
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    It depends on the sausage in question. I have no issue with how a good quality sausage gets made, a cheap hot dog sausage which contains 'meat' (no animal specified) on the other hand you're probably best not to ask.

    In that context PA is a high quality sausage. They've made it all from scratch (custom engine rather than an 'out of a packet' variety). The fact some don't like the final flavour, well I guess that's personal preference and I think it's important to distinguish between things that are actually wrong vs things that a user personally dislikes.

    ... I think I over stretched the analogy a bit lol.
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