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    It's....complicated, obviously I can't speak for others but for myself it would be a good step in the right direction but alone it wouldn't be enough for me.

    Ah the Tyrant, well as I said I don't foresee me submitting anything for my Custom Commander slot for the foreseeable future but that doesn't mean I let the Tyrant sit around. I really liked the design I came up with and personally consider it to be some of my best design work, so I "finished" it with new Gun and Lathe Arms and other tweaks, then got it 3D printed in a couple of different heights;


    In addition to getting the Tyrant 3D Printed I also optimized a bunch of my other PA themed designs printed as well in scale with the 50mm Tyrant;

    These and more are all available through my Shapeways Shop, Metal Core Collectibles.

    Some other game coming along is something I'm hoping for aswell although I don't have my hopes set too high because for me to really get into a project I'd need a lot in terms of functionality, SupCom/FA has be very spoiled, in the 5-6 years I worked on BlackOps there were very few ideas we had that we could just flat out not do at all and it was a great creative experience because of that.

    In the mean time my Flickr Photostream is probably the best place to keep tabs on me even though I don't actually post much there when it comes to 3D stuff unless I'm getting it 3D Printed as most of my current audience on Flickr is LEGO based so my 3D stuff doesn't do all that well there but I'll still post some stuff occasionally.

    Another option is my Tumblr, again it's not so much pure 3D stuff as it is 3D Printing and Gundam Model Kits but Tumblr is something I'm trying to use more as it allots for a wide range of media to be shared through it, making it kinda of like a central hub of sorts for me.

    Lastly I also have a Deviant Art page, it's probably the least useful in terms of keeping tabs on me as due to the nature of the site I only tend to post finished works up there now.

    And of course PMing still works fine here, I still get email notifications for PMs so even if I've not been around on here I'll still get any notifications.

    Again, it's complicated and I won't try to speak for the others but it was more so "death by a thousand cuts" with a "finishing move" to push things beyond the point of no return for me.


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