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    Here below is a list of some features that I think are desirable, in order of preference:

    1) Custom sounds with spatial awareness -- The ability to have units have custom sounds with spatial awareness.

    2) Transforming units -- such as units that switch state when in water and on land. Also this could be useful if wanting to assign different speeds for amphibious units when they are in water and when on land.

    3) Capturing -- a staple of most RTS games.*

    4) Thermal vents OR the option to add custom elements to planets -- By custom elements I mean to add stuff such as your own resource spots, or anything that you might want to add that isn't possible currently through csg's.

    5) Add the option to add collision to features, such as trees. Though the default might be off, it would be nice to have the option for gameplay in content outside of the vanilla game.**

    6) Metal makers -- spending energy to gain metal.***

    7a) Add the function of 'energy_value' (in addition to already present 'metal_value') -- Essentially it would be nice to have features give energy when reclaimed instead of metal. This may already be present, though my trials have been inconclusive due to reclaiming costing energy.

    7b) In addition it would also be nice to have a way of setting reclaiming costs

    *Capturing is already undergoing testing.

    ** Already possible reportedly from PA Inc, though I have failed to achieve it so far.

    *** Has already been done through modding but I believe some polish is needed to help the resource bar work properly. I'm not the expert on this, so don't quote me.

    I have more which I shall post shortly, but these are the main ones in my eyes that I would like to see, and have discussed prior.
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