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Discussion in 'Mod Support' started by Avenger1228, January 9, 2016.

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    First off I want to say thanks to Uber for making the game and second to all of the modders. I recently bought PA Titans on Steam 2 days ago. I like this game very much with the titans and planet destruction. I read up on PAMM and a few mods caught my attention. The mods I got were ( abbreveations for some ): ( UI Mods ) AI mod compatibility, Aurora-arty UI missile command, MysticalFists Galactic war titans cheats, queller AI, War Turtle icons and bigger explosions. ( Server ): AI mod compatibility, Aurora-arty, hodgePodge, icon reloader, MysticalFists AI skirmish titans cheats, queller AI v3.14, Titan Gantry and war turtle.

    The mods that are bold conflict with each other as in disable MysticalFists skirmish. The other 3 mods work and have full function as they describe. I like all 4 as they provide more defense units and better defense as well as instant build and titan factory. If I want to use them though I have to either disable Mystical or keep that but disable the other 3. Is there a way to have them cooperate nicely with each other?

    I prefer skirmish over galactic war but it looks like if I want instant build I have to stay in galactic war and skirmish mode for more units. Thanks in advance for suggestions / advice / comments. I will keep on eye on this thread for updates.
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    Only by manually editing some files. Any mods which touch vanilla unit files will always conflict, nothing to be done about it.
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    Titan Gantry and Aurora Arty might be compatible if you are up for making a copy of PAMM and replacing the app directory with a branch under test.

    For the rest I'd have to investigate exactly what they are touching.

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