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    Naval. One of the most under-utilized aspects of PA, it suffers from a poor number of units, low amounts of layer utilization, slowness, and difficulty interacting through layers.

    This mod, building upon the naval portions of Statera, will do the following:

    I intend to fix all of this by doing the following:

    1. Giving the underwater layer a proper place in the game. Subs will now be buildable and sonar will be a thing. Many buildings will be made to be built underwater rather than above water.

    2. Increasing the reach of ships to allow them to pose a threat to land.

    3. Expanding on the amphibious units and creating a dedicated amphibious factory that can be built underwater or on land to allow naval players to have an easier time attacking land.

    4. Increasing naval speed 2-4 fold (Depending on the unit) to allow for a greater fluidity of movement.

    5. Add new naval units to increase the diversity of units used; I will need the assistance of a modeler and texturer for this.

    I intend to develop this as a mod independent of Statera (Although some units will be shared between the two seeing as how I already have a few roles that amphibious units could use) until I feel that it's in a good spot and then merge it into it.

    Current plans are as follows:

    1. Use the naval units of the latest dev version of Statera as the base.

    2. Convert the attack boat into a sub; this will be done by setting its navigational layer to seafloor and by giving it ignore sight and ignore radar.

    3. Change mexes, storages, and likely some other buildings to being built on the sea floor rather than on the surface layer.

    4. Add at least 1 amphibious unit to each of the ground factories. Doxes and slammers will be made non-amphibious unless I can make them be amphibs in a way that makes sense. Amphibious units will all be buildable from a (T2?) amphibious factory.

    5. Add a torpedo bomber of some sort.

    6. Adjust current navy as needed to create unique roles.

    7. Add new naval units wherever gaps are existential.

    I am looking for people to assist with this. If you are interested, post below or PM me with what you believe you can contribute to the project.
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    There's one API change that I'm waiting on before I begin development

    I need a new world layer added so that I can make buildings that spawn on the sea floor land, akin to how we have buildings that spawn on land or float. Once this is in I'll make mexes underwater and add a new amphibious factory. I can already add subs and make sonar useful, but there isn't a whole lot of point without underwater buildings and amphibious factories.

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