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    NOTE: Reckoner currently suffers from accuracy issues that I am attempting to address. Certain players may have ratings that are drastically lower or higher than their skill level.

    Reckoner Client for Planetary Annihilation
    Version 0.0.2

    This is a rating system for Planetary Annihilation aimed towards team games; very WIP.

    It is available in both server and client mod flavors.

    Current Features
    • Displays a confidence interval on each non-AI player's 5v5 Reckoner rating.
    "Bugs" that will likely never be addressed
    • Will fail to identify a player on a local/dedicated server if they change their name without restarting their client
    Current Known Frontend Bugs
    • Doesn't show anything for players that have not been observed before
    Upcoming Features (supported already by backend; currently missing from frontend)
    • Display ratings based off of context (1v1, 5v5, 10-player FFA, 3v3v3, 3v7, etc)
    • Display estimated win chances for each team
    • Display ratings for AIs
    The Reckoner Rating System
    The Reckoner Rating System is a semi-parametric bayesian system designed to estimate players' skill levels in games where players of vastly differing skill levels often encounter each other.

    More info will eventually be found at https://github.com/Thalassocracy/Reckoner.jl, which is a repository containing a Julia-based framework for defining arbitrary Reckoner-based systems.

    Reckoner.jl will eventually be documented further.

    ReckonerPA is a PA-specific implementation of Reckoner based on Reckoner.jl. It lives at http://pa.reckoner.info.

    An outdated form of its code can be found at https://github.com/Thalassocracy/ReckonerPA.

    More documentation will be available in the future.

    Data Sources
    ReckonerPA currently draws its data from 3 active sources, 1 legacy source, and 1 backup source.

    Additionally, there are plans in the future to add 2 more active sources and 5 more legacy sources,

    A more in-depth explanation of what each source brings to Reckoner will eventually be added.

    Active Sources
    • SuperStats
    • PA Inc Replayfeed API
    • PA Inc Gamefeed API
    • palobby.com/replays
    • a manual corrections document
    Legacy Sources
    • River's Ladder
    • a pre-Titans Pastats backup
    • Exodus Tournaments
    • private server replayinfo.json documents
    • a list of manually-recorded games
    • Selected Challonge Tournaments
    Backup Sources
    • Recorder (a legacy replayfeed archive)
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    Update 0.0.2:

    Reckoner now works on local/dedicated servers.

    Reckoner now refreshes ratings whenever a player joins a slot instead of every 15 seconds.
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    great mod!

    I would prefer another notation for skill range.

    for example 2100 +- 100
    rather than 2000 - 2200

    because, so i can see more directly the skill level, then then the accuracy second.
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    Omg you added +- notation <3 <3 <3
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