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    This mod works with Planetary Annihilation: TITANS only. It changes the following elements of Galactic War:
    • Restore faction personalities:
      • Legonis Machina: tank
      • Foundation: air/naval
      • Synchronous: bot
      • Revenants: orbital
    • Customise each enemy/Sub Commander:
      • Unique model
      • Unique personality
      • Unique colour
      • Fight according to their faction's preferred style
    • Eight new difficulties suitable for anyone from a new player to a veteran of the game
    • Reduced Sub Commander effectiveness
    • Adds the possibility of multiple factions in a system and an FFA occurring
    • Adds support for shared army enemies
    • Bosses are distinctly more difficult than the surrounding systems
    • Added planetary intelligence to allow you to make meaningful decisions on the galactic map
    • Randomised spawn assignments so maps remain fresh on replay
    • Uses all game modes:
      • Bounty mode
      • Land anywhere
      • Sudden death
    • You can give the enemy tougher commander units
    • Option to give yourself more starting neutral systems
    • The AI uses tech card buffs
    • Guaranteed loadout to unlock every war
    • 13 new loadouts
    • Unlocks Galactic War's biggest planetary systems
    • Adds the classic Galactic War systems in addition to the TITANS systems
    • Adds a new faction
    • Fixes all the errors in the tech cards
    • 109 new tech cards
    • Enhanced AI through AI Bugfixes and Enhancements and Queller AI
    Be sure to check out my guide on adding more maps to Galactic War to enhance the experience further.


    This mod can be installed via the Planetary Annihilation: TITANS in-game Community Mod manager.

    In Action


    Sub Commanders are not impacted by difficulty. At any difficulty level, you can choose to enable Easier Start which provides you with more neutral planets with free tech.

    [​IMG] Casual: for when you've completed the tutorial and are new to the game.
    [​IMG] Iron: for when you've some PA experience under your belt.
    [​IMG] Bronze: you've beaten vanilla Galactic War.
    [​IMG] Silver: you can beat the skirmish AI.
    [​IMG] Gold: you can beat the Queller AI.
    [​IMG] Platinum: for when one enemy Commander is no longer a worthy challenge.
    [​IMG] Diamond: for when your loadouts become too powerful.
    [​IMG] Uber: for when you're a Galactic War master ready for the ultimate challenge.
    [​IMG] Custom: for when you want to create your own challenge.

    Difficulty Options
    • Faction Scaling: the number of factions put into the galaxy depends on its size.
    • System Scaling: system size depends on how far into the galaxy you are.
    • Easier Start: choose to have four neutral systems to plunder at the start instead of the usual two.
    • Tougher Commanders: the AI has Commander Armor Tech.
    Planetary Intelligence

    Each system will display the following information:
    • System Area: the total surface size of all planets, excluding gas giants.
    • Threat Level: based on the total eco score of all enemies.
    • Bounties: gain an eco bonus for each army destroyed. Enemies gain these too.
    • Land Anywhere: you can land anywhere on any starting planet.
    • Sudden Death: the defeat of a single army on a team leads to the defeat of the entire team. This includes Sub Commanders.
    • Threat: the eco threat of that Commander. This increases the deeper you proceed into the galaxy.
    • Personality: the playstyle adopted by the Commander. Some are better than others and it's up to you to figure out which.
    • Additional Factions: the system is a FFA and these factions will fight against you, each other, and the primary faction.
    AI Buffs
    • Build: AI has Improved Fabricator Build Arms.
    • Commander: AI has Commander Combat Tech, Improved Commander Build Arms, and commander mine vision.
    • Cost: AI has Fabrication Tech.
    • Damage: AI has Ammunition Tech.
    • Health: AI has Armour Tech.
    • Speed: AI has Engine Tech.
    These buffs are applied on a per-faction basis:
    • Legonis Machina: land units and factory structures
    • Foundation: air and naval units and factory structures
    • Synchronous: non-factory structures
    • Revenants: orbital units and structures
    • Cluster: basic units
    Commander Threat Scale

    From easiest to hardest:
    • Worthless
    • Helpless
    • Weakling
    • Inexperienced
    • Competent
    • Skilled
    • Experienced
    • Veteran
    • Masterful
    • Hardcore
    • Dangerous
    • Deadly
    • Inhuman
    • Genocidal
    • Nightmare
    • Demigod
    • Godlike
    • Titan
    Compatible Loadouts

    If you are adding new loadouts to the game and want to be compatible, then you will need to do the following:

    1. Add the following to the gw_start scene:
    if (!model.gwaioNewStartCards) model.gwaioNewStartCards = [];
    if (!model.gwaioAllStartCards) model.gwaioAllStartCards = [];
    if (!model.gwaioTreasureCards) model.gwaioTreasureCards = [];
    model.gwaioNewStartCards.push({ id: "YOUR_LOADOUT_ID" });
    model.gwaioTreasureCards.push({ id: "YOUR_LOADOUT_ID" });
    2. Ensure your cards are in `coui://ui/main/game/galactic_war/cards/`

    3. Add `coui://ui/mods/com.pa.quitch.gwaioverhaul/shared/tech.js` and `gwaioTech` to your loadout's `define()` function

    4. Within the `if (!buffCount)` block of your loadout add:
    if (inventory.getTag("global", "playerFaction") === 4)
    Compatible Tech Cards

    If you are adding new tech cards to the game and want to be compatible, then you will need to do the following:

    1. Add the following to the gw_play scene:
    if (!model.gwaioDeck) model.gwaioDeck = [];
    if (!model.gwaioCardsToUnits) model.gwaioCardsToUnits = [];
    id: "YOUR_TECH_ID",
    // Use the base_commander for commander and always the use unit, not the ammo, etc.
    units: ["AFFECTED_UNIT_PATH"],
    2. Ensure your cards are in `coui://ui/main/game/galactic_war/cards/`


    Why am I not seeing the latest changes in my war?
    Many changes will only apply to new wars.

    Why am I seeing multiple Commanders for a single enemy army?
    Both bosses and FFA factions will use Shared Armies to allow for multiple Commanders within a single army. This provides them with more additional build power and more lives. It allows them to very quickly connect multiple planets.

    Why aren't awarded bounties showing on the player list?
    Galactic War hides eco modifiers from the player list. The bounties are still being awarded. If you gain one it will show below your eco bar.

    Why are those turrets moving?
    When the Synchronous have the speed bonus their defences will move to engage you when you get close.

    Known Issues


    Recommended mods
    • Shared Systems for galactic war
    Incompatible mods
    • Enemy ramp for galactic war
    • Challenge Levels for galactic war
    • Section of Foreign Intelligence for galactic war
    • Unique Commander Loadouts
    • Galactic War Unique Loadouts
    Thanks to
    • wondible, who continues to be amazing with his JavaScript support and for his mod Section of Foreign Intelligence for Galactic War, a modified version of which is included within this mod
    • PA Inc, for including official translations for the mod and assistance in integrating AI modifications
    • nemuneko, whose Unique Commander Loadouts for Galactic War are included in this mod
    • WPMarshall, for the Cluster faction logo and home system
    • trialq, whose discontinued Galactic War Loadouts mod has been partially included in this mod
    • Tristan, who created the casual, iron, and diamond icons

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    The full changelog can be found on GitHub.

    Version 5.5.3 - 2021-06-08

    • Bug in tooltips preventing you moving to systems with a particular configuration
    Version 5.5.2 - 2021-06-08

    • Issues with UI elements not correctly updating or displaying at all
    Version 5.5.1 - 2021-06-07

    • Tooltips for planets with a water height but no water depth
    • Leviathan Upgrade Tech not applying its changes
    Version 5.5.0 - 2021-06-04

    • Bosses more closely aligned to the faction personality
    Version 5.4.1 - 2021-06-03

    • Firefly Upgrade Tech not applying one of its effects
    • Solar Array Upgrade Tech tied to a valid sound effect
    • Solar Array Upgrade Tech causing the game to hang when entering battle against The Guardians
    Version 5.4.0 - 2021-06-02

    • Inquisitor Nemicus focuses on naval and air forces
    • Foundation's home system has been redesigned to increase the water presence
    • The Cluster's home system's third planet is now a starting planet
    • Increased the number of spawns in the Cluster home system
    • Jig Upgrade Tech still being disabled
    • Some bosses using suboptimal eco handling settings
    Version 5.3.2 - 2021-06-01

    • General Commander data bank reduction not being applied
    Version 5.3.1 - 2021-06-01

    • Queller AI not doing anything after spawning
    • Removed unused files from Queller AI to reduce mod size
    Version 5.3.0 - 2021-05-30

    • New "wipe" op that cards can use to remove text from a string
    • Buffed the following upgrade techs:
      • Commander
      • Energy Storage
      • Firefly
      • Metal Storage
      • Skitter
      • Spinner
      • Stryker
    • When Queller AI is enabled Sub Commanders use the Q-Gold brain rather than Q-Uber
    • Overhauled the threat ratings in the intelligence panel to smooth their progression
    • Updated AI Bugfixes and Enhancements to v2.6.0
    • Updated Queller AI to v5.14.0
    • Pelican Upgrade Tech compatible with the Nomad Commander
    • Possible fix for issues where JUMP and FIGHT would not appear
    Version 5.2.5 - 2021-05-29

    • Orca Upgrade Tech only applies to the destroyer's surface weapon
    • Kraken Upgrade Tech only applies to the advanced submarine's surface weapon
    • Advanced Energy Plant Upgrade Tech description
    • Ares Upgrade Tech not utilising its full range
    • Jig Upgrade Tech not doing what it said it did
    • Hoarder Commander wiping out its own inventory when returning to the galaxy map
    Version 5.2.4 - 2021-05-28

    • Corrected tooltip for Firefly upgrade
    Version 5.2.3 - 2021-05-28

    • Corrected tooltips for and about Planetary Radar
    Version 5.2.2 - 2021-05-25

    • Removed attack command from Nomad Commander units that don't have an offensive weapon
    Version 5.2.1 - 2021-05-24

    • Advanced Fabrication Bot Upgrade Tech having too high a chance of being drawn
    Version 5.2.0 - 2021-05-24

    • Player army information to GWO panel
    • Reduced starting eco levels for Casual through Gold
    • Improved how the GWO panel displays war options
    • Rapid Commander not including the Colonel in its modifications
    • Some Titans AI personalities sometimes not building a factory in low eco situations on specific map configurations
    • Nomad Commander physics issues - this may have been a cause of crashes
    • Nomad Commander unit transporting not functioning for all the units it was supposed to
    • Mine Upgrade being offered before you had access to mines
    • Rapid Commander orbital factories and fabber not having access to the correct set of units
    Version 5.1.0 - 2021-05-22

    • New tech cards:
      • Planetary Radar
      • Planetary Radar Upgrade
    • Titans AI support for:
      • Planetary Radar
      • Stinger
    • Ability to reroll the tech offered to you
    • Backpacker Commander starts with more units
    • Buffed the following unit upgrades:
      • Advanced Torpedo Launcher
      • Kraken
      • Orbital Fabrication Bot
      • Orca
      • Phoenix
      • Solar Array
      • Stinger
      • Teleporter
    • Nerfed the following unit upgrades:
      • Bumblebee
    • Disabled building of the Stitch by the AI due to failure to treat it as a combat unit in Galactic War
    Version 5.0.0 - 2021-05-19

    • New loadouts:
      • Backpacker Commander
      • Hoarder Commander
    • Integrated the following AI enhancements with thanks to PA Inc for their guidance:
      • AI Bugfixes and Enhancements v2.5.0
      • Queller AI v5.13.0
    • System Scaling option isn't shown at setup if Shared Systems for Galactic War is in use
    • Reduced the number of Workers per Cluster system
    • Improved granularity of system threat level at all difficulties
    • The following loadouts use multipliers rather than fixed values to account for balance changes to the game:
      • Planetary Excavation Commander
      • Space Excavation Commander
    • Space Excavation Commander can no longer build the Solar Array
    • Added percentage information to many loadout descriptions where it was previously missing
    • Complete Orbital Tech being offered when you were using the Space Excavation loadout
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    Couldn't you set up a Queller as a client mod and make it work somehow?
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    Not the AI brain part (which is most of what Queller is) because that's loaded into the server, and GW doesn't provide a mechanism to do this.
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    This mod is now available, but consider it very much a beta right now. It shouldn't break anything (though please see incompatible mods in the OP), but the balance could be terrible. I would welcome feedback on difficulty and scaling.

    Version 0.1 - 2017-03-16
    • Assign a general personality to each faction
    • Reduce number of minions per faction to 13
    • Assign a unique commander model to each minion
    • Name minion after commander to allow identification
    • Assign unique personality to each sub-commander
    • Append five new difficulty levels to Galactic War
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    Version 0.2 - 2017-03-24
    • Legate Kapowaz, Acolyte Osiris, Servant Beniesk and Seeker Banditks have undergone a personality change as the previous personality did not perform as intended
    • Properly tagged mod to show support for PA classic and Titans
    • Forum link goes to the right thread
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    Wow, I tried platinum to start and am getting my *** handed to me. The difficultly level is way higher than vanilla. I will probably have to drop it down a notch. This mod makes the Galactic War very challenging for dirty casuals. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. Thanks and nice work!
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    Let me know how you fare, I'm hoping that the difficulty curve is relatively smooth (though the top difficulties are much harder as you noted), but it's likely some adjustments will be needed. But it needs enough player feedback to justify any changes.

    I also recommend using wondible's Section of Foreign Intelligence for Galactic War mod as it will let you make more informed decisions about where to attack and what you're up against.
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    Ok, I've found a bit of a problem with the scaling. I dialed back the AI to a level that I was comfortable with but as soon as I got to system with multiple enemy commanders I really get my butt kicked. 2v1's are bad enough, I can't imagine what a 3v1 would be like. Is it possible to somehow drop the difficultly level programmatically down a level for each enemy commander? So if I started 0n Platinum, 1v1's would be vs Platinum, 2v1's would be vs Gold, 3v1's would be vs Silver, etc.?

    The bottom line, the AI improvements you made are great at making 1v1's challenging, but those improvements make it too difficult with multiple AI's.
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    I was pretty upset when Uber lowered the default difficulties of GW to ultra-easy levels. I will give this mod a try, thank you!
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    What difficulty level are you playing at? Can you beat it at the level below? What settings are you using for your Galactic War? Do you nibble around the edges of each faction or tackle them one at a time? Do you use Section of Foreign Intelligence for Galactic War?

    The optimal way to play GW is to nibble at each faction, so that by the point you've got to multiple Commanders, you have the best tech load out you could manage. Certainly if you're being beaten by multiple Commanders but haven't exhausted the single Commander systems then you've still got options.

    I can't control Commander difficulties independently, you can only do that at pre-made systems. It might be possible for every minion to have a pre-made system, but if you insert additional Commanders that way you're losing the ability to control difficulty by distance.
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    Hi Quitch,

    First off thanks for your fantastic mods and articles on exodus - has helped a new player like me get to grips with the game and already have some good fun out of it.

    Thought I'd provide some feedback on this mod in case it's useful. I play at silver and have had a very interesting few missions against the AI as a result - big improvement over vanilla! But I have noticed the commanders lack self preservation. A few times now I've had an enemy commander isolated at the front either intently focused on my army or that particular part of it's base and pounded him into oblivion whearas there were defences he could have retreated to further in his base that would have kept him safe from a losing battle.

    Hope that helps and thanks once again :)!
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    That's a limitation of the hardcoded AI Commander behaviour. However, I believe mikey has identified an error in its threat assessments, so it should be smarter with the next patch. Silver also overestimates its strength, so will sometimes do dumb things.
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    Hi Quitch. No bugs to report. Everything is good. There is a pretty big jump between Silver and Gold difficulties though. I can win pretty easily on Silver and but on Gold vs 2 AI's at Dangerous 1.4 it's pretty ugly. The Foreign Intelligence mod is must to help avoid the traps until I have enough techs and a subcommander. I pretty much need a subcommander to survive beyond the single AI's. I can't imaging multiple Platinum's at 1.4 or 1.5 difficulty. But that's not a bug now is it. :)
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    Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Will look at smoothing out that curve.
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    Version 0.3 - 2017-05-17
    • Reduced base level of eco that Gold through Uber start with
    • Increased base level of eco that Bronze and Silver start with
    • Casual's expansion is no longer crippled
    • Bronze expands a little faster
    • Casual builds faster from its factories
    • Bronze builds a little slower from its factories
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    Version 0.3.1 - 2018-03-03
    • Corrected what appears to be an error in the base game where one of the Foundation bosses was using Legonis Machina personality settings
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    Version 0.4 - 2018-04-17
    • Remove Q prefix from difficulties in vain attempt to clarify that this is **not** using the Queller AI brain
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    Version 0.5 - 2019-01-13
    • Fixed issue with turtling subcommander personalities only building a single factory
    • Skewed personalities closer to Absurd skirmish difficulty settings except where specifically Queller personality aligned
    • Updated Queller subcommander personalities with latest Queller personality settings
    • Updated difficulty levels to use the latest Queller economic personality settings
    Last edited: January 13, 2019
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    Version 0.6 - 2019-01-14
    • Huge overhaul of difficulty levels
      • All difficulties now use minions as a difficulty ramp tool
      • Platinum and below introduce minions earlier in the galaxy
      • Casual has a higher base economy
      • Casual uses the same system template as all other difficulty levels
      • Bronze has a higher base economy but gains economy over distance slower than before
      • Gold moves to T2 slightly later
      • Platinum now always has at least two minions in a system
      • Platinum handles its economy better
      • Uber is now setup as an ultimate challenge difficulty without attempt to be fair

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