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Should we have building template?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

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    Though the PA doesn't have the adjacent bonus,
    building template is still what we need.

    For example, a turret with walls is much tougher than a single turret.
    When building the factories, we usually need to add the power plant.
    Thus, I think it is a good idea to group a factory with a power plant as a template.
    Then the player can drag and drop a line of them.
    So the fabricators can build factory -> power planet -> factory -> power plant, ... , repeatly.

    The usage of building template can be very creative.
    It may be able to applied to the mines and walls,
    Such as interlace wall which is good for units to walk through while still blocks fire.
    So player can build them rather than line or sphere.

    The building template is already in SC:FA.
    But I think it can be implemented as the Cities Skyline.
    The players get a sandbox to edit and save the template for later usage.
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    This is a wonderful idea! Why has no one else thought of it? This would make the construction of defensive lines possible as right now they're harder on the attention economy then the energy economy. It also dramatically decreases the need to babysit your base in the initial stages of the game, and allows for more mixed factory compositions without huge attention penalties! How hard would this be to put into the game?

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