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    Beta Build: 59549

    It is 2014 now! Get ready to play a brand new game! Well, ok, not totally new, but between new units, new work in progress balance, things are already feeling a lot more polished and lot more fun!

    Teleporters are in game now! Teleporters are point to point - build two, select one, then right-click on the other, and establish a gateway between them.

    Major Balance Changes: This is a work in progress, but what's there is already quite a bit different! We'll need feedback and more time to fine tune it, but consider this the taste test of what's to come.

    New Units: There are a number of new units in the game to start to flesh out the unit rosters. Many of these still use white box art, so they may look funny, but they should still work well.

    Area Patrol: This is an incredibly useful persistent area command. When issued, depending on the units, it will stay until canceled. Fabbers will assist and repair, combat units will patrol, guard and attack, etc.

    Big improvements to the look of lava planets, and ongoing iteration on the appearance of most biomes!

    AI continues to get more and more evil. Make use of the economic scaling in the lobby if you're having a hard time playing. Setting the AI to 0.0 will allow you to sandbox to really learn the recent changes in the game!

    Orbital fabber is now in game, and can build stuff in orbit. This is IMPORTANT! Some of the most important units in the orbital layer now must be built this way. The planet is important, but don't neglect your near planet orbits! It can also build the teleport gate on the ground. Very useful for planetary expansion!

    - Area commands continue to get improved, bug fixed, and cleaned up
    - Debug/Free cam is back
    - We have the first bit of work to allow us to start to localize the game. Come to the forums in the coming weeks for more details on how to help get the game localized!
    - Energy stance fixes, especially for units under construction
    - More aggressive AI expansion, but also handles differing planet sizes better now
    - AI should no longer get stuck trying to send units to a location they can't possibly reach.
    - Area build of Adv. Metal Extractor over wreckage should now properly reclaim and build
    - A large number of celestial movement fixes, prevention of "illegal" moves (no annihilation against an already moving target), and others.
    - Number of naval pathing/coming out of factory fixes; Also fixes pathing cost stamp for naval units being way too big
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    Build 59607

    59607 just adds some server instability hotfixes to build 59549
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    Date: February 18th, 2014

    UPDATE YOUR DRIVERS! Especially your video drivers. Don't rely on Windows Update to do this for you. You should come to our forums or do a web search to figure out the best drivers for your setup.

    Windows Versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 & 32 bit)

    Mac OS/X: 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9

    Beta Build: 61250

    This build covers a large number of changes. The build notes will cover the highlights, but there will be even more things that aren't discussed. The balance of the game has changed. In some cases drastically, in some cases simple tuning.

    We have also been doing a lot of work to improve performance. Client performance on a number of fronts. The server has also been getting quite a bit of work on it. This is great, but it also means new bugs may appear that are graphics card or system specific. Please make sure your graphics drivers and systems are up to date. OpenGL support on Mac has been limited to 3.2+. We no longer have 2.1 legacy Open GL support.

    This build includes unit formations, new units, new area commands (load/unload with transports for instance), new art across many units, and a lot of other changes.


    • Area load / unload: Works with terrestrial transports and the Astraeus.
    • New Steam SDK includes 64 libraries for linux ; Hopefully this will help some Steam integration issues in 64-bit linux
    • OpenGL 3.2 or newer is required on OS/X now. We no longer support legacy 2.1 Open GL, as it was hurting performance for almost all Mac users.
    • Alternate Fire Button (Default map: u); This is your Uber Cannon button. You can much more easily use the uber cannon now
    • Lots of changes to AI; Make use of the Economic Scale in the lobby in vs. AI games to tune their difficulty. They have gotten much smarter. And will continue to get smarter.
    • Bug Fix: Assist tasks will now end if assist target moves to another celestial body
    • Most instances of units bouncing at the bottom of a teleport gate should be fixed
    • Area Patrol for ground units is working!
    • Lots of particle system additions and changes
    • Units now have individual celestial travel speeds ; they are no longer all using the exact same numbers for travel speed
    • Beam Weapons/Instant Hit exists as a weapon type now. They are only used by a few units currently (orbital laser, flack cannon and sniper bot)
    • Unit formation support: Still WIP, but units now form up ranks and attempt to maintain consistent speeds to approach targets as a group.
    • Twitch support for in-game chat (ctrl-enter for Twitch chat)
    • Subs have been pulled for the time being
    • Orbital pathing visualization can now be hidden in cinematic mode
    • Support for Map Ping
    • Attacking larger buildings should be more reliable now. Units can calculate a valid firing solution based off the entire unit (OBB), rather than just the center point.
    • New Planet Template Type: Desert
    • Weapon support for splash damage fall off - Which means point blank on a weapon can have one damage value, but the splash, as you get further away from ground zero, can start to fall off.
    • Did we mention lots of balance changes and quite a few new units?
    • Some fundamental UI changes. This MAY break mods.
    • Lots of additions and changes to Unit JSON data ; Expect to have to update your spreadsheets and other stuff to account for this
    • This build notes may continue to be updated actively for the next few days, but assume there are far more things NOT called out than are actually called out!
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    Beta Build: 61450

    We've got some great additions to the last big build! Picture in Picture! Moving particle rendering to the GPU! Various other bug fixes, improvements and changes. Hop in and play! If you haven't played in a while, definitely try again, and let us know how your framerate is doing

    • Picture in Picture! Off by default, you can turn it on by clicking the new icon right next to the chronocam icon in the lower right corner. Keep in mind this does impact performance (You're rendering two views of the game!), but it is AWESOME. Shift-V allows you to quickly alternate between the main and PIP view.
    • GPU rendering of particle effects. Across the board, this should improve client performance for everyone! It's not a "one size fix all" change, but it should be another change down the "making things better for everyone" path
    • Unit updates to include more team color
    • Even more AI improvements - Cue evil laugh
    • A number of pathing and patrol related bug fixes
    • Orbital units entering a new celstial body should now be oriented correctly
    • Balance/Unit Changes: Gunships should have an easier time hitting targets, transports have been moved to the advanced factory for now, and a few other changes.
    • We are now able to start rolling out the new launcher in a limited fashion. We hope to start this on Friday, February 21st. For now, the launcher is limited to Windows and Mac. Please keep an eye on our forums in the beta section for more details.
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    Beta Build: 61694

    • Bug fix build to address a number of graphics optimizations, crashes and bug fixes.
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    Update your video drivers please!

    It's here! With today's update, we turned the page on beta. This is the first of several updates in Planetary Annihilation's new "gamma" phase of development. Gamma is all about you and your friends. During this phase, we'll unveil new social features and new ways to interact with Planetary Annihilation. We'll also roll out a dizzying amount of really cool new tech like linkable replays and more picture-in-picture functionality.

    Today's update is a fantastic sneak peek at what the gamma phase is going to bring to the table -- and it has some awesome, brand new features:

    User Experience Updates:
    • Streamlined UI Elements! - We rebuilt our front-end menu and lobby menu. They look a lot cooler and sleeker, and are also more intuitive.
    • In-Game UI Refresh! - We've created a new build bar and reimagined the system menu.
    • Armory! - In the brand new armory (which is available in the main menu), you can view all the Commanders you own.
    • Orchestral Score! - It's in! Prep your earholes for this: it's as stunning and epic as you imagined it would be.
    • More Commanders! - We've added several new Commanders for you to enjoy. This list includes the awesome Theta Commander. You've got to see this guy.

    • Ahoy! - AI can now use naval. Insert battleship and sinking reference here.

    • Alliances! - In free-for-all games, you can now create alliances.
    • Twitch.TV Improvements! - You can now view streams in the lobby.

    Tech Stuff:
    • Performance and Optimization Fixes! - As part of our ongoing process of making Planetary Annihilation more awesome, we've tweaked some elements to make it play better.

    • Uber Cannon! - The Uber Cannon is no longer so great at wrecking buildings -- or other Commanders.
    • Armor System! - We've created an armor system to balance out a couple of edge balance issues.

    Known Issues:
    • Lobby Shenanigans! - Non-owning members in a new lobby have the appearance of adding/removing slots; it doesn't actually do anything, but it looks very confusing. Only the person who created the lobby can control it.
    We're really proud of this update and can't wait to get even more gamma features out to you in the near future. We'll see you in the (newly redesigned) lobbies, Commanders.

    Some of the Balance Details:

    Land Mines:
    - Improved size and placement
    - Damage: 500 -> 1000
    - Splash Radius: 5 -> 15
    - Metal Cost: 150 -> 20
    - No longer leaves wreckage.

    Combat Fab:
    - Health: 150 -> 50
    - Metal Cost: 300 -> 540
    - Guard Radius: 60 -> 50
    - Energy Usage: 2500 -> 2000
    - Metal Usage: 15 -> 20

    Adv Combat Fab:
    - Health: 250 -> 150
    - Metal Cost: 1260 -> 1620
    - Energy Usage: 5500 -> 6000
    - Metal Usage: 45-> 60

    Bomb Bot:
    - Metal Cost: 135 -> 90
    - Damage Radius: 10 -> 15

    Assault Bot:
    - Increased mesh size so it can be hit easier.

    Air Balance:

    Advanced Bomber:
    - Metal Cost: 540 -> 810

    - Guard Radius: 100 -> 200

    Advanced Fighter:
    - Metal Cost: 270 -> 540
    - Guard Radius: 160 -> 200
    - Damage Splash Radius: 10 -> 5

    - Metal Cost: 270 -> 540
    - Damage: 25 -> 20
    - Improved movement

    AA Vehicle:
    - Damage: 10 -> 25
    - Improved missile speed and tracking
    - Missiles now spread fire around to targets more.

    Missile Tower:
    - Guard Radius: 120 -> 150
    - Damage: 20 -> 25
    - Rate of Fire: 2 -> 3
    - Improved missile speed and tracking
    - Missiles now spread fire around to targets more.

    Flak Tower:
    - Metal Cost: 300 -> 600
    - Guard Radius: 120 -> 150

    AA Bot:
    - Damage: 20 -> 25
    - Guard Radius: 100 -> 120
    - Rate of Fire: 1 -> 2
    - Improved missile speed and tracking
    - Missiles now spread fire around to targets more.

    Orbital Launcher:
    - Roll off time: 4 -> 3

    Defense Sat:
    - Health: 10000 -> 5000

    Vehicle Factory:
    - Metal Cost: 5410 -> 5500

    Advanced Air Factory:
    - Build Metal Cost: 3300 -> 5670
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    62110 adds AI difficulty setting and a number of bugs fixes.
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    62165 - More bug fixes!
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    Gamma Build: 62225

    We appreciate your patience and your help as we track down some new crashes and bugs! This build should help knock out the most egregious crashes, both on the client, and in the server, that are hitting people.

    Over the coming days, we will continue to fix these as fast as we find them. Any additional information the community can provide to us on the forums helps us fix these crashes that much faster. We want the instability gone from the game too!

    If you find yourself in a situation where you have identified a specific set of actions that cause the client, or the server, to crash every time you do them, please send us email at In addition to making it easier for us to fix the bug, it will also make sure it gets fixed as fast as possible.

    Specific Fixes:
    - Server crash related to air unit orientation; This was the crash most people were seeing a while after starting.
    - When a lobby creator leaves their lobby, ownership of the lobby should now correctly pass to the next person.
    - Fixes a client crash that could occur when anti-virus was enabled
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    Gamma Build: 62318

    Ongoing bug fixes to improve stability, improve experience getting your friends together for a game, and more!

    Specific Fixes:
    - Fixes a number of instances and odd behavior if the host of a lobby leaves, but others want to make the game.
    - Fixes order of operations loading issue for mods.
    - Fixes a crash that could be caused with very large planet orbit radii
    - If you're not in a slot when a game starts, you will be placed into a spectator slot. Still limited to the total number of players (Currently 10)
    - AI can spam attack Uber Cannon, will send out attack parties earlier
    - Fixed a planet wide build order exploit (it was avoidable, but obnoxious)
    - Fixes for being able to reconnect to a lobby
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    Gamma Build: 62443

    - More lobby fixes; Disables options that only the lobby creator should have; adds back the kick option; Removes the "create/edit" system options from the lobby - this was not intended work flow and broke too many things; Lobby should no longer reset when you change systems
    - You should get a proper lobby rejection when trying to join a lobby that
    - Repairing your commander should no longer trigger a "Commander under attack" alert
    - Landing Timeout increased to 5 minutes before forced game start for people who are having a slow time building systems (this is a local machine issue; There is very little bandwidth used when generating planets)
    - Some great system templates added for people new to the game. 2p means 2 player, 3p, you get the idea!
    - AI can now micro it's units when attacking.
    - The 32 bit executable is now /largeaddressaware in Windows. You still need to make sure your system is Large Address Aware to make use of this, so you can utilize more memory. Really, upgrade to 64-bit! It's 2014! :)
    - Fixed a few "crash on generating planets" issues
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    Gamma Build: 62857

    New art! More fixes! Smarter formations! New spectating options! We're in the process of tightening the Gamma experience across the board, and this week's huge update packs lots of incredible new additions and improvements.

    For instance! We've taken spectator mode to 11 by allowing spectators to focus on teams and see their resources in real-time. Formations now understand position -- flame tanks will now prefer the front, while smaller non-knockout units will prefer the back. Also, we've re-added the ability for players to load systems in the background.

    We've got lots more, too, so check out these notes:

    - Added support for full summaries of teams playing.
    - You can also focus on individual teams.
    - Added a new panel on the side to facilitate this.

    - Players will now receive even more information when joining and leaving.
    - Improvements to joining.
    - Improved planet generation while in lobby.

    - Added a new skins for laser turret.

    System Editor!
    - Added new tag for starting planet. This is in preparation for multi-planet spawns!

    - Added even more general improvements.

    - Units now have preferred positions.

    Bug Fixes
    - Planet smashing bug addressed.
    - A couple of lobby bugs have been squashed.
    - A number of memory leaks have been fixed.
    - Addressed some UI crashes.
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    Gamma Build 63180

    Gamma is definitely here now, folks, and we're continuing to tune the experience to make it even better. This update focuses on performance and improvements to numerous areas of the game from lighting to art to the server browser. Also present in this build? A giant bedrock feature: multi-planet starting points.

    Catch the patch notes for the full listings of tweaks, improvements and fixes. Also, hit up our localization project if you'd like to join in:

    Multi-Planet Starting Spots!
    - We've added them. To use them, make a new custom system in the System Editor and flip them on for whatever planet you desire. Then, commence annihilation.
    - The AI can now use multi-planet starts, too.

    New Commander!
    - The Imperial Invictus is now available to all players! This robot is pretty serious, so go check him out in the Armory.

    - Updated art for a number of units, including the nuke launcher and ammo, and the anti-nuke launcher and ammo

    - Updates to the Server Browser. Players can see more information about games before joining a lobby now.

    - We have started our community localization project! If you want to participate, please check this thread out: and go here to contribute:!

    Technical Stuff!
    - Significant graphics change to lighting. This should help improve frame rates for a number of players.
    - Improvements to the build bar. This provides more efficiency information while you're playing
    - Improvements to spectating! We're working hard to make the job of casting easier, and the fun of simply watching more accessible!
    - Ongoing improvements to game audio

    Important Notes!
    - Please disable all mods until you know which ones work! This build changes a lot of the underlying UI systems.
    - Make sure your drivers are updated!
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    Gamma Build: 64498

    All of us at Uber Entertainment are always busy. It's a given. But, the last couple of weeks have been "turbo busy," as Brad would describe it. In-between polishing up a lot of incredible features, both the Planetary Annihilation and Toy Rush teams spent major swathes of time planning for their game's showings at PAX East 2014. All the hard work and brain-busting effort paid off, too -- oodles of folks dropped by, said hi, and had an awesome time playing Planetary Annihilation and Toy Rush.

    With Planetary Annihilation, we set up two groups of four computers and had folks face off against each other in 2v2 matches. Meanwhile, Adam rocked the microphone and casted the matches for everyone observing the action to hear. Over the course of the three-day event, we saw planet smashes and tons of epic plays from rookies that turned pro before our sleep-deprived, but glistening eyes. It was cool, to say the least.

    The rest of the team back at the office were also busy busting out all the new features you're seeing today in Planetary Annihilation's latest update. In addition to countless optimizations and tweaks, we've added some amazing Gamma-specific features: replays and videos, messaging, friends lists, and yet another advanced command and control feature.

    Friends Lists, Instant Messaging, and Replays

    Among other things, Gamma is all about you and your friends. Friends lists, messaging, and replays are a huge step in this direction. The friends list and instant messaging clients live on the right-hand side of your screen. When you're not in games, you can add friends, see if your pals are online, or message them.

    Replays can be viewed in the new Replay menu available at the main menu screen. Right now, you can search for matches and view them at any time after they end. We've got a great plan to expand this feature by adding the ability to create highlights and user uploading to YouTube. We'll be talking about Replays again pretty soon.

    Advanced Commander and Control: Line Drawing

    The day's almost here -- starting now, you can organize units in whatever formations that you desire with two clicks of the mouse and a quick drag. We've also added the ability for you to set the path your units walk with a shift-click. Fighting across entire worlds is easier with this simple, intuitive, and customizable new control.

    The Rest

    Of course, this update includes many other fixes, optimizations, and tweaks. Here's a quick hits list. The full patch notes are available, as always, on our forums:

    As always, we look forward to seeing you guys in the lobby, on our forums, and on our Facebook.


    As a new experiment, we're trying to provide more detailed notes on subsets of the actual checkins, because we know a lot of you like this level of detail. These are lightly edited to make sure they make sense to players, rather than developers, but otherwise are exactly as they appeared in our source control:

    AI: AI will react to nuke events.
    AI: AI will build anti nukes in response to nuke being built in the same gravwell.
    AI: AI will build orbital lasers in response to orbital threat in the system.
    AI: AI will now build more Advanced radars.
    AI: First pass of AI personality (aka difficulty) settings.
    AI: Land platoons will no longer give the defense squad an attack order.
    AI: Now sends bomber/gunship platoons with a fighter escort.
    AI: The AI can now once again expand due to low buildable space.
    AI: Server perf improvemnents.
    AI: The AI will now get notified when someone initiates a planet smash.
    AI: Fix for AI being unable to launch planets at other planets.
    AI: AI now uses the neural network when looking form places to attack.
    AI: Added neural network fitness function.
    AI: Added neural network support for the AI land attack task.
    AI: Added some Commander self-preservation.

    Animation: Make tank units not scroll treads when attached to a transport.

    Art: Small polish pass on radar units
    Art: Adjusted the amount of team color on the energy and metal storage units
    Art: Radar_satellite_adv art revision
    Art: Orbital_fighter art redesign
    Art: Fix long time issue with several projectiles being overly dark. Max files had gamma correction turned on which caused the render to texture to output darkened textures.
    Art: polished art for radar_satellite
    Art: Fix water shader's normals not rendering properly.
    Art: Trimmed the teleporter building down to a much smaller building
    Art: Ice feature and crack texture improvements

    Balance: The number of potential metal spot clusters will now increase as planet size increases.
    Balance: The system editor 'metal density' and 'metal cluster' sliders now have an effect on planet metal spot generation. Yay!

    Chrono-cam: Replays and end-of-game reviews no longer snap to the end of the game and stop just because you exit out of the chrono-cam controls (was a by-product of the live-game "resume" behavior for exiting chrono-cam, which is undesirable for replays/reviews).

    Engine: Beam particles
    Engine: Particle LOD added back with support for multiple viewports.
    Engine: Merge proto/graphics to main. This merge includes the finalization of the GPU-ization of trail particles. All particle rendering functionality is now on the GPU.
    Engine: Runtime shader recompilation. This restores previous functionality where shaders are recompiled at runtime if they change. This change also tracks shader header files, so you can change a shader header and all shaders that use it will rebuild.
    Engine: Trail/string particles on the GPU. The last CPU-based particle system is no more. Yay.
    Engine: Fixed various GPU particle orientation bugs, so they now act per spec.

    FX: Adding sort of working jets to orbital lander.
    FX: Adding flight effects back on aircraft.
    FX: Updating rendering system to handle dielectric specular (white specular).
    FX: Encodes specular exponent as either white specular range or diffuse color specular range. Units can determine if surface is metal or not via a mask in the blue channel of their material texture. Terrain and features are always dielectric for now as they use that blue channel for emissive masking.
    FX: Change specular from blinn phong to GGX (Disney's specular lobe).

    Gameplay: Fix force landings on the server so it works with multi-planet spawns. Also change the force landing timeout back to 2 minutes.
    Gameplay: Fix orbital fabber build arm tool to include a pitch/yaw range so it can actually repair
    Gameplay/FX: Change beam weapons back to not always hitting their target even if they miss legitimately. Fix bug causing them to miss to begin with. Was using old positional data, now getting current position.
    Gameplay: Fix for units with ballistic projectiles missing wildly while changing directions.

    Pathing: Fixed orbital not circling when fabbing
    Pathing: Fix for nav agents not getting a flow field, which resulted in them steering towards their goal and running into buildings and terrain and getting stuck.
    Pathing: Free Form Formations
    Pathing: Fix for groups getting split up and units not waiting for eachother.

    UI: Ambient Occlusion: off -> on, HDR: off -> on, Selection Icons: off -> on
    UI: We've secretly changed Timmy's selection boxes to circles, lets see if he notices.
    UI: New orbital unit icons
    UI: Fix mouse not working when focused on the sun.
    UI: Revise system designer to use new UI styling
    UI: Updated econ bar overflow color.
    UI: Updated spectator panel econ overflow color.
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    Gamma Build: 65588

    It's time for a new build, though if you've tried out our new PTE streams, you may have already played with some of these changes! We're working on some really cool additions to the game. As we move forward to some of those great new features, we continue to make the existing game more awesome, polishing whats there, fixing bugs as we find them, and continuing to improve the game.

    The main things you'll find in this build are lots of bug fixes, a significant overhaul to the balance of the game - this is still a work in progress, and quite a few changes to how the orbital units are built and interact.

    As always, there are lots of changes big and small, but more than anything, this build is helping to pave the way for things to come.

    See you all in game, on the forums, and on Facebook!
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    Galactic War Build: 66503


    Today's update adds the first iteration of Galactic War, Planetary Annihilation's single-player experience. Available now as a free update, Galactic War tasks you with taking over a dynamic galaxy by scouring the stars for tech and special perks.

    In Galactic War, you'll be placed in control of a reawakened Commander with access to a limited tech tree. As you explore and battle across the galaxy's procedurally generated systems, you'll collect random technology and find perks that boost your manufacturing and fighting capabilities.

    We designed Galactic War to be replayable, and for every playthrough to feel different. We also want you to decide the scale and intensity: each of Galactic War's sizes change how many systems are in the galaxy and introduce different loadouts.

    And the pressure's on because annihilation is final.

    Enjoy Galactic War over and over again, and give us your feedback on the forums or social media. Have fun!

    Detailed build notes:

    AI: Updated AI neural net data.
    AI: Neural platoons wil now seek to attack things it can actually attack.
    AI: Will build nukes and anti-nukes in response to system threat, instead of grav well threat.
    AI: Will build nuke silos to attack other planets that do not share a grav well.
    AI: Added some AI immediate threat response stuff. In the event you decide to keep a fighter or bomber over the AIs base forever.
    AI: AI econ adjustments.
    AI: Will spread out attacks a lot more.
    AI: can use Grenadiers.
    AI: platoons can have a min and/or max unit count.
    AI: Improved AI attack location choice.
    AI: Improved AI raiding ability and later game platoon sizes.
    AI: Improved AI scouting.
    AI: AI will no longer wig out when you take away its bot factory.
    AI: Fix for when the AI believes a base is under attack.

    Art: added a thruster effect to the orbital_fighter

    Audio: html ui: fix for defeated music not playing.

    Balance: Lower cost of T2 by 1/3
    Balance: double laser turret fire rate 1.5->2.0 (reverting)

    Chronocam: hooked up seek forward/back buttons.

    Gameplay: Bombers don't slow down to a near hault near bomb targets anymore; When air units are running the 'line through goal' behavior it won't slow down more than 40% of their max speed to reduce their turn radius to reach the goal any more. Instead they will fly past the goal and make another attempt. In this way they will always be 60% of their max speed or higher near the enemy target. Which is prefered over slowing down (to a near hault) making the bomber vunerable to anti air etc.
    Gameplay: Fixed units 'not assisting' or building a bit, then not, then building a bit, then not.
    Gameplay: Removed the Attack command cap from the air scout.
    Gameplay: Making Astreus go to air layer when it unloads also fixes a rare bug where commanders, when unloaded from a transport, would moonwalk across the planet. This was due to the attachable taking the transporter's velocity when it was unloaded and that affecting its interpretation of up which would cause the snapToGeom to continually move the unit.
    Gameplay: fix for units not moving into range to assist large factories. They were using the focus entity as the target for the move task, whch would be unreachable for units on large factories. Now the move task targets the factory when it is a factory and the focus entity otherwise. The buildarm still targets the focus entity.
    Gameplay: Advanced Fabbers build basic buildings
    Gameplay: Advanced Factories build basic units within their class
    Gameplay: Fixed commanders getting stuck when moving out of the way to build a structure.
    Gameplay: Allies no longer trigger alerts for enemy units detected.
    Gameplay: Updated visuals for landing zones. Now uses recon lights to highlight the landing zones instead of a particle. Landing zone labels now offset from the planet in screen space so they're easier to read at a distance.

    Graphics: Fix a bug with SAO shader causing it to fail silently on some video cards. Was doing a float = vec4 which is undefined behavior.
    Graphics: Refactor how unit ambient color is done. Had changed emissive glows from lighting or emissive to lighting and emissive for direct lighting, but hadn't made that change for ambient light. Also removes extra glow of team color ... which may or may not be a good thing.

    Linux: [main] Integrate SDL updates for Linux from proto/sdl. This switches away from Xlib usage in the Linux platform backend, to make it (mostly?) pure SDL2.
    Linux: [main] Check in GLSL shader validation script.
    Linux: [main] Add official glslang binaries.
    Linux: [main:Linux] Explictly request a 3.2 OpenGL context.
    Linux: [main] Set the "don't minimize on focus loss" hint for SDL.
    Linux: [main] Switch back to libboost-regex for Linux.

    Network: Client/Server is more selective about the data it sends to clients. This should reduce bandwidth a lot for players, but should also help casters not get all the data all the time.

    Observation: Math is hard.

    UI: Support for launching YouTube in browser
    UI: move pip to q key. Move select commander to b key. Both to avoid conflicts with build bar.
    UI: Fixed bug where YouTube tutorial video wouldn't load
    UI: html ui / server js: the game creator can now set the color for AIs.
    UI: Turned off autoplay for YouTube videos from start page
    UI: Updated UI on settings page.
    UI: html ui: adding separate toggles for hiding ui (ctrl+u) and hiding ar (ctrl+y).
    UI: Various changes to strategic icons and mouse hover feedback. * When the cursor is hovering over a unit, units now displays a white icon on the ground around them and their strategic icon is slightly larger. * Ghost units no longer show additional information in their hover pop up (like if they're building or not). * Radar blips with matched ghosts now do show their type and last seen health, just like a non-radar blip ghost unit would. * Selection now represented in unit icons. Unit icons now have a black border by default instead of white. White now denotes selected. * Change "black" team to less black, more charcoal to accomidate default black border.
    UI: Improved area build for torpedos & anchors.
    UI: Normalize spacing for laser and aa towers to 18 (adv was 17).
    UI: Fix ambient occlusion settings to properly use OFF and ON;
    UI: Changes to volume levels are changed immediately (though still on retain if users click Save);
    UI: Changes to volume levels and resolution scaling now take effect when clicking Save, thus allowing them to be changed in-game (before only got applied when returning to start page);
    UI: Added new game icon.
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  17. garat

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    Galactic War Build: 66516

    Addresses some server crashes and other bugs.
  18. garat

    garat Cat Herder Uber Alumni

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    Cheese Build: 66567

    More fixes, client and server side.
  19. garat

    garat Cat Herder Uber Alumni

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    Galactic War: Build 66770

    Friday hotfix for your playing pleasure! We're still hard at work, squashing some new bugs and performance problems. This build includes a lot of fixes under the hood, and also some more obvious ones.

    We'll keep on working to stomp out new and known bugs, such as problems getting back into a game after playing a match, and UI lag during big fights.

    See you in game, commanders!

    Detailed Changes:

    AI: Improved AI air platoon "not moving when they should be" detection.
    AI: Fix for AI threat value calculation for anti-surface threat.
    AI: Updated AI neural net data.
    AI: Fixed AI threat calculations for units with multiple weapons.

    Chronocam: also fixes a bug where time scrubing would alter change your playback settings (play to pause, pause to play).

    Engine: Fix for crash when telling an Orbital Factory to pause during a launch.

    Galactic War: Big Difficulty pass making Hard/Annihilator more difficult. Adding multiple enemies on systems farther from the start.
    Galactic War: Added Hardcore difficulty where all econ rates for enemies are high, always adds an extra commander to non-boss battles.
    Galactic War: Improved the system generation to include bigger systems the farther out in the galaxy you go.
    Galactic War: GW reliability fixes.

    Gameplay: Starting locations and metal spots will now only appear on base meshes.
    Gameplay: AI will only spawn on base mashes.
    Gameplay: Projectiles that lose their target will now go to the last known position of their target and impact.
    Gameplay / Art: Metal Planet - more trench and pit pathability improvements (better on smaller planets now).

    Graphics: Updating post_fxaa.fs to use FXAA 3.11 with GLSL 1.3 spec and optional gather4 optimizations for hardware that supports it. Seeing improvements of ~4x faster on some hardware for FXAA (going from 2.5ms down to 0.6ms).
    Graphics: Another bug fix for SAO, another issue that NVidia drivers were glossing over (until the latest update!) and GLslang didn't catch (because it was a GLSL 4.0 class extension issue). (Update your drivers, always, folks!)

    Linux: [main/Linux] Switch to OpenGL Core Profile.
    Linux: [main/Linux] Save fullscreen & display settings.
    Linux: FMOD Upgrade. This fixes VO on Linux.
    Linux: [main/Linux] Use SDL from steam-runtime.

    UI: hotkey revision. uses a 3x5 layout instead of a 4x4. tab hotkeys do not overlap with build item hotkeys.
    UI: fix for twitch controls wrapping and not displaying correctly in live game
    UI: fixes a bug where default keybindings could not be unbound (bound to '').
    UI: added keybind for acknowledge alert. default is set to 'space'.
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    66830 fixes a Mac only crash at launch due to a new sound system update.
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