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    Why exactly is "More Units" a bad thing. People who say that each factory shouldn't have more reliable roles probably are the same people who thought Experimentals and Shield Generators is some kind of taboo sin but in reality only make the game more interesting if done right, see the Titans expansion in response to experimentals.
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    It sounds like you are approaching bot s and tanks differently than everyone else. If I am correct, this argument is based around the idea or desire to have every unit type, as in bot, vehicle or air, to have a horizontal gameplay.

    If one were to identify each unit type as a type of research tree, PA would identify itself as a vertical tree. Evidently the approach in game goes in succession starting with dox and then vehicles where the higher up you go will give you a greater advantage. Evidently, you are requesting a horizontal tree where there is no said order of progression. It shouldn't matter what order should things play out in game. The verticality of the research tree should be related to the higher t2 and Titans.

    A good example of a horizontal tree would be Zero k (ignoring balancing issues). The game has multiple unit types and every type of unit can be played on all levels of gameplay. (Players also start with all unit types)

    Would I personally enjoy a more horizontal approach? Yes I would. The issue with changing to this approach would be to add a lot more units now for each unit type to support every possible role that could be present. Because factories are so quick and easy to build, units performing the same role will be more obvious. This is not what PA wants.

    PA is fun because unit type has a certain distinction in its role with respect to progression of gameplay. Each unit type is for a certain element of the gameplay. Bots for raiding. Vehicles for base assaults. Air for tactical strikes. The fun in PA is when players combine these things into one army and observe their ability to execute destruction on a large scale. Armies shouldn't be related to one unit type.
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    Balance issues in Zero-K? What are you talking about?

    But enough arguing about this, just excuse me while I work on Galactic Annihilation Titans.
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    I don't like the proposed solutions by the OP, but I could see a role for a tanky t2 bot like 'The Can' from TA.
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    Yep was soundly beaten with a massive t1 bot, My opponent was able to spam out more dox faster than I could counter and finished me with wave after wave. With the right strategy on the right map dox can be very effective.

    I do think the current balance is very good.
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