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Does Gil-E need to be Buffed? (Can select multiple)

  1. Not needed

  2. Speed

  3. Damage

  4. Range

  5. Fire rate

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Phireh

    Phireh Member

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    I think it needs more damage (750 or so, so it can 2-shot levelers and infernos) and radar stealth (just like the kraken) to make it good. I dunno about the range, it would have to be tested... also, Gil-E model could be taller, so that they can better shoot above the horizon.

    Edit: Also, making the anti-air and anti-missile attack different weapons that don't **** up its aim and aren't awful would be super useful :3
  2. huangth

    huangth Active Member

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    As I talked before, bots are already faster than tanks.
    If you let T2 bots suppress the T2 tanks, then no one uses the T2 tanks anymore.
    This happened on grenadier which was the best T1 units to spam before it got nerfed.

    Thus, the solution is to give a job for sniper and make it a unique unit.
    I agree that the sniper is a little under power now.
    But I don't agree to buff the sniper as a T2 tank counter unit.

    Maybe we can add more interception ability to sniper.
    How about letting sniper to intercept the projectile of sheller and pelter?
    If the sniper can intercept the shell of holkins, I think it is overpowered.
    But I think this is a better direction to think about.
    Perhaps the shell of holkins can takes five hits from sniper bot?
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  3. huangth

    huangth Active Member

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    I have another idea is to swap the weapon range of sheller and sniper bot.
    Sheller already gets the area of effect which can damage multiple units in a single shoot.
    I have no idea why sheller has a even longer range than the sniper has.

    Perhaps some of the characteristics come from the current military.
    That is the fact the sheller has much longer weapon range than snipers.
    Thus, I think it is a good idea to add the radar stealth ability to the sniper.

    However, I believe they are still underpowered after getting stealth ability.
  4. jackburton176

    jackburton176 Member

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    The sniper has superior vision and its a shock and awe.
  5. MrTBSC

    MrTBSC Post Master General

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    Sniper snipes bluehawk missiles
    Sniper can also snipe air which bluehawk can't but orbital

    i'm still for a bit of rps play between bluehawk vs gil-e vs sheller

    Gil - e beating bluehawks cause of missilesnipe
    bluehawk beating shellers in range
    and shellers beating gil-e's in range but gil-e's having better rate of fire and manueverbility than both sheller and bluehawk

    (ignore my vote)
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  6. w33dkingca

    w33dkingca Active Member

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    Im making a rebalance mod to encounter the issues of useless tr2 bots and some other fun changes, so far sniper now does 600 damage, Slammers are now faster. With micro the snipers can chew abit of a force, slammers can now dodge leveller shots effectively and are now fast enough to get a surround on tanks without dissipating instantly. There will be a version released in the next few weeks, not sure when but testing is going A-OK so far.
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