BATTLE OF THE ANCIENTS 2v2 invitational tournament!

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    Hello annihilators, a couple weeks ago i was watching 1v1s between current ubers and I was thinking . . . This is so different from 1v1s a few years ago. And then I had a thought, how would old pros cope in a 2v2 tournament at uber level in this day and age. So I and Clopse are proud to present BATTLE OF THE ANCIENTS.
    The concept of the tournament is each team will contain 1 currenty pro and 1 past pro (Invited by me). These players play on a large amount of maps that all require different skills.

    Format - Swiss 5 - 6 rounds, Then top 4 teams break into bo3 semi finals. 1 pro player and 1 past pro player in each team (Invite only) .

    Maps - Maps will be revealled to the players an adiquate amount of time before the tournament, but will be announced to spectators on stream.

    Time and date - 5th September 2020, 16:00 UTC .

    Prizes - $400 to the winner, $200 for second place.

    The tournament will be streamed by WPmarshall and TheWrongCat at: .

    This is a new and experimental concept for a tournament and is entirely made to entertain you guys, so I hope you guys can drop by. Gl and Hf annihilators :)) .
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    There will be 18 teams (Open to change) Which include:

    (Current pros are Bold)

    PAG_Clopse & PAG_Neptunio
    Matiz & AndreasG
    Nimzo & Pwn4two
    Flubb & AdmiralGeneral
    Ljfed & Mkfed
    killerkiwijuice & Elodea
    Somppe & PAG_Pt4h
    Ptasior & Loren8008
    Thatsonofabroom & River
    TheEffectTheCause & B3L4L
    TheTitan01 & DirtyApples
    Smurf & Luther
    Corgi & Big_Danny
    ST[N30N] & ST[Mot9001]
    [BSE] Diskraip & PAG_KISEL
    FerretMaster & Dom
    [RLM]Gandalf & Xankar
    BurntCustard & Bot 1

    The maps include:

    Aricebo (Pwn4two’s map pack)
    Overcooked pizza (Exodus map pack)
    Diahydri (PA)
    District (PA)
    Tournament ridge (TheEffectTheCause's map pack)
    TheClassyBarren (exodus)
    Seton's clutch (Marshall's map pack)
    Disparity (PA)
    FrozenOreoYoughurt 2v2 shared (Exodus)

    See you all next week ;)
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    Really excited to watch Defense of the Ancients!
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    Smurf has become unavailable so Anonemous2 has taken his place.
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