Any casual clans or groups out there?

Discussion in 'Looking For A Clan' started by drrobotussin, July 10, 2014.

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    I'm not really looking to be part of any tournies or trying to go all e sports on there. Just looking for an active group to play some regular games with.
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    For the Australasian region, Team Burning is the main social clan (link in sig). To be fair I'd say that all the clans listed in this forum are fairly casual and don't place demands re: competitive play
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    Although I'd say for a 'social' clan you guys kick some serious *** haha... Now if you could learn *not* to double cross each other so much you'd be really dangerous :p

    To the OP- if you're looking for an EU based clan Promethean are all pretty chilled. We have a few competitive players however lots of us don't really have the time for high level play so it's a good mix.

    Best way to find us is come on to our TeamSpeak server, details can be found below:
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