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Discussion in 'PA: TITANS: General Discussion' started by mikeyh, April 21, 2017.

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    Not topic of the thread, but two words on the link to another new patch mikeyh gave in post #7:

    - "Multiplayer Galactic War"
    that sounds delicious!! :D

    - "Sim Speed Control for Local Servers"
    so what's about this? the main reason my friends and me not playing PA:T and just keep watching out for new features is the problem with the sim speed which existed since Supreme Commander. is that a control with which you can force sim speed? that would be more than awesome!!! but how would this affect gameplay? i mean the idea behind sim speed is to allow computation of bigger battles right? if you could really control sim speed, what would happen? would units be destroyed automatically by random to keep the wanted sim speed? i guess i'm completely misunderstanding the point. still, a feature for controling the actual sim speed would bring us back to PA:T!
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    He means the ability to change the target sim speed.

    The sim speed limitations are different from those in SUPCOM, which was limited by the weakest client.
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