AbleGamers Tournament 2015

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    Ideally there would be a shopping cart system that set unit, number, player, and planet. If we're really dreaming, port UberMap to the web and set up a spec to stream the unit data - but now you've got the problem of not letting people drop an atlas in an enemy base. I suppose the location could be a suggestion.

    The mods can do more - such as being able to set missing parameters during the 5 minute setup period. There is also the consideration of how much effort to put into a once a year event; at some point AbleGamers would be better off if I did work for hire and just gave them the money. (minus everybody having a good time) Puppetmaster is usable as a regular game mode, a lot of the sandbox mods have outside applications (I use them all the time), and the placement distribution techniques have a lot of possibilities, but the donation specific things are pretty niche.
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    I think there is also a point where the whole system would get so complex that things would get even messier. Some of these ideas add a lot more opportunity for things to go wrong.
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    I was going to write this summary yesterday but decided to take a lazy day instead, so apologies for what'll seem a somewhat belated tournament summary.

    First and foremost, I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to everyone who helped make this tournament such a resounding success. In no particular order:

    Wondible - he put in so much time making and refining the Puppetmaster mod and all the surrounding mods which made this tournament possible at all from a technical perspective. He was also sat diligently working behind the scenes processing all the donations in real time as they came in and delivering your donated units.

    The Exodus team: Proeleert, Bsport, Quitch - again these guys put in a lot of work behind the scenes getting everything organised, arranging the brackets, preparing the artwork, assisting with the menu, and Quitch kindly stepped in on the night to help us to resolve the technical issues we were having with the stream and to cast the remaining games.

    WPMarshall and Sorian - outstanding casting and entertainment and setting aside a big chunk of time on a Saturday to help coax the money out of your wallets.

    The players - each of these guys and girls set aside a big chunk of time on a Saturday (or indeed very early on a Sunday for a couple of them!) to put on a great spectacle for you all, and to carefully ensure the best use of your donated units. They were great champions for the game and for the charity.

    Craig from AbleGamers was there throughout the event, watching, answering questions in the chat and hopping on for an interview with us. He was also invaluable in getting the Fundrazr page set up correctly and for getting promotion from AbleGamers to the tournament.

    Scathis agreed to finally accept Marshall's challenge to bring a few more people to the stream. He took his stonking defeat with good grace and I expect will make good on his word not to rename the T1 tank to anything too degrading towards Marshall.

    The guys at Uber Entertainment kindly allowed us to hijack their official Twitch channel for the evening to expand our reach and draw in more viewers - I saw a lot of old names in the chat which indicates to me that this was a very supportive gesture and I am immensely grateful to them for placing their trust in us.

    Mot9001 and Andreas G stepped in to help at the last minute with the maps for the tournament - I had problems during the week prior when I had planned to get these sorted and they ensured that we had a system that was fun and functional.

    And finally to you, the spectators. Our tagline for the event was 'You control the carnage', and control it you did. We raised a whopping $1441 by the close of the event, though the total is now slightly higher owing to donations after the event. For comparison, last year's total was $700, so we have more than doubled that. That is a hell of a lot of money to be raised in a single evening. I feel privileged to be part of such a generous and friendly community and I'm pleased to see that money going to a great cause.


    I would be extremely grateful for any and all feedback from viewers, participants, or anyone as to things that can be improved for next year's show. Please feel free to drop it in this thread or to send me a PM, or catch me in the Realm teamspeak anytime. I know we had a few technical issues initially, and believe me when I say I was as frustrated as anyone by those! Thank you all for sticking with us throughout them and I'm very much looking forward to next year already!
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    Ablegamers VODs

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    Interview with Craig;

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    Hey, i was wondering if you guys could list and official list of everyone who donate and what they donated??? The funrazer is really buggy and there seem to be a lot of donations missing, and i'd really like to thank the people who donated, as i'm sure everyone else would as well, sorry and thanks!
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    Odd, it seemed to work for me. I even added all of the donations to be sure. In any case:
    lokiCML gave $30   
    [RLM] Raztastic gave $10   10xA1 - Posidian - Syrup Pancake
    TimTom aka DorothyMantooth aka MrsDorothyMantooth gave $40   F1 x2 Posidian Metal Planet 2 nukes bahbee
    Naska gave $1   A3 - Violet Ania - Syrup Pancake
    Jack.Burton gave $20   halley to ZyKey?
    Naska gave $3   B3 - Posidian - Bacon Pancake
    towerbabbel gave $10   10x A3 - Violet Ania - Syrup Pancake
    N30N gave $10   D3 - Posidian - Bacon
    TimTom aka DorothyMantooth gave $160   F1 x8 posidian main planet 8 nukes
    Hanfyren PA gave $10   D1 - Queen VioletAnia - Final match
    Skalzam gave $5   C2 Posidian one on starting planet. one on the moon with most metal
    towerbabbel gave $10   10x A3 - Violet Ania - Starting planet
    towerbabbel gave $30   G4 - superouman - Banana Nutella Pancake
    erratik gave $7   7 x A1 - mered4 - strwberrypancake
    MangoMango gave $30   1 x Atlas, AndreasG, his Commander
    Anonymous gave $3   mines-andreas, whereever he needs them. i'm so broke but hope this helps ^^ <3 protect you for a little =3
    PRoeleert gave $10   D1 - CaptainConundrum - Strawberry Pancakes
    MangoMango gave $20   1 x E1, 1 x C3B, AndreasG - Strawberry Pancake
    towerbabbel gave $10   5x A1 - [RLM]Mered4 - Banana Nutella Pancake, 5x A1 - superouman - Banana Nutella Pancake
    N30N gave $2   a4a - [rlm] andreas g - blueberry, a4a - [rlm] andreas g - srawberry
    Anonymous gave $10   halley, violet blue berry pandcakes
    Sorian gave $10   G1 - Violet - You know where
    aceofspadeds gave $30   g3-mangomango- Strawberry Panckake
    PRoeleert gave $10   1 x G1 - VioletAna - Blueberry Pancakes
    Gmase mase gave $10   G1 - violet - only useful planet
    MikeyH gave $5   5 x A3 - VioletAnia - metal
    Aceofspadeds gave $20   2xD2 for mango mango
    MikeyH gave $15   E1 - VioletAnia - Lava
    Aceofspadeds gave $20   F1
    DeathByDenim gave $30   A3 - superouman - Banana
    PRoeleert gave $15   13x A3, 1x A4V, 1x A4A Captain Conundrum - Blueberry
    towerbabbel gave $10   10x A3 - Violet Ania - Banana Nutella Pancake
    MikeyH gave $30   10 x B2 - VioletAnia - Metal Planet
    towerbabbel gave $10   D1 - Violet Ania - Banana Nutella Pancake
    PRoeleert gave $10   D1 - MangoMango - Starting planet
    Erratik gave $20   c2 - battlebear - banana nuttella pancake / blueberry pancake, e1 - battlebear - Blueberry pancake
    towerbabbel gave $5   5x A3 - Violet Ania - Banana Nutella Pancake
    gandalf gave $20   20 x a1
    Alpha2546 gave $20   20X A1 - Mot9001 - starting planet
    PRoeleert gave $15   E1 - Mot9001 - Starting Planet
    Anonymous gave $1   A2 - VioletAnia - Above ground factories
    towerbabbel gave $20   6x B4 - VioletAnia - Starting planet
    Anonymous gave $10   D1 - VioletAnia - Above commander
    Hanfyren PA gave $5   A4A x 5 - Alpha2546 - Close to base metal planet
    veep gave $2   2x A2 - Orbnet - Banana
    veep gave $10   D1 - Orbnet - Banana Nutella Pancake
    elodea gave $5   walls surrounding and trapping alpha's commander if possible <3
    towerbabbel gave $10   D1 - [BRN]Alpha2546 - Metal planet
    Simius gave $20   2 x D1 - G0hst Reaper - Blueberry Pancakes
    TheWrongCat gave $15   E1 - Stuart98 - Strawberry Pancake
    JasminaSky gave $10   C2 - G0hst - Banana & Blueberry
    Simius gave $25   2 x C3V - G0hst Reaper - Strawberry, 1 x E1 - G0hst Reaper - Strawberry
    PRoeleert gave $3   3 * A1 - Stuart98 - Starting Planet
    Quitch gave $10   E1 - Stuart - Starting planet (STATERA4LYFE!)
    towerbabbel gave $3   B4 - [MBC]GOhst - Metal
    Flamester gave $5   Walls for ghost.
    blutooth gave $5   C3V - G0hst - Banana
    Duff Man gave $1   A4A - G0hst - Blueberry Pancakes
    Greetings from the MBC gave $5   3 A1 ,1 A3, 1 A4V; g0hst_reaper; starting planet
    MangoMango gave $10   2 x A2 - Alpha - His Commander/Main Base
    Violet gave $45   5xA3, 1xc3b, 1xe1, 1xf1-Alpha- main planet, in/around his base. love you babe ;)
    Martin gave $20   F1 - ALPHA2546 - MATCH 1
    Quitch gave $20   A1 (200 Booms) - Clopse - Strawberry Pancake
    [RLM] Raztastic gave $20   F1 - Posidian - Strawberry Pancake
    towerbabbel gave $20   2x D2 - PAG_Pt4h - Banana Nutella Pancake
    Woolvz gave $33   2 x C3V G0hst_Reaper Starting Planet, 2 x C3B G0hst_Reaper Starting Planet, 2 x C3V G0hst_Reaper Starting Planet, 2 x C3A G0hst_Reaper Starting Planet, 1 x B3 G0hst_Reaper Starting Planet
    Quitch gave $10   D1 - ljfed - Strawberry
    towerbabbel gave $15   E1 - ljfed - Starwberry Pancake
    David Vohwinkel gave $3   B3 - Clopse - Blueberry from devoh
    towerbabbel gave $3   B4 - PAG_Clopse - Banana Nutella Pancake
    Anonymous gave $10   1 x D1 - ljfed - now
    towerbabbel gave $5   C3B - PAG_Pt4h - Metal
    towerbabbel gave $5   C3B - PAG_Clopse - Metal
    towerbabbel gave $20   C3B - Posidian - Metal
    Anonymous gave $3   B3 Clopse Metal Planet
    towerbabbel gave $5   C3B - Ljfed - Metal
    Raztastic gave $1   A3 - Posidian - the only planet
    Red_lXl gave $100   Nothing. Just a donate from a Violet follower :)
    elodea gave $30   10x b3 - clopse - match 1
    Simius gave $5   C3V - Ijfed - Blueberry Pancake
    Anonymous gave $10   D1 - PAG_PT4h - Main planet
    AlfredoTheFish gave $5   c3a - Posidian
    towerbabbel gave $10   D2 - Posidian - Main planet
    Raztastic gave $10   D1 - Posidian - The only planet
    N30N gave $20   C3A - P4th - Only planet, C3A - P4th - Only planet, C3A - Posidian - Only planet, C3A - Posidian - Only planet
    Anonymous gave $5   C3V - PAG_Pt4h - Banana Nutella Pancake
    Quitch gave $10   A3 (200 land mines) - Clopse - The only planet :p
    Skalzam gave $15   E1 Posidian Metal
    urriperri gave $3   B2 - Stuart98 - Main planet
    Anonymous gave $20   *20 x D2
    Quitch gave $10   D1 - Clopse - The only planet :p
    Anonymous gave $5   c3v-violetania
    Elodea gave $11   a2 clopse match 1, c1 clopse match 1, c3v clopse match 1
    Anonymous gave $15   E1 - MANGOMANGO - First Rock
    Hanfyren gave $5   C3V - Alpha2546 - Match 1
    Hanfyren gave $15   A4B x 3 - VioletAnia - Match one, A4A x 2 - VioletAnia - Match one, A4V x 10 - VioletAnia - Match one
    PRoeleert gave $15   Match 1 - E1 - ljfed - Starting Planet
    Ibán Sánchez gave $3   Thankyou for your work
    (Sorry for the horrible formatting. :))
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    Thanks a lot!!!!! <3 <3 <3
  9. nixtempestas

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    "Sorian gave $10 G1 - Violet - You know where"

    got a chuckle from this one, was a very well placed donation :)
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    i just calculated how much i donations i got... like 300.. i feel really bad >.< guess my punishment is playing a horror game DX *dies*
    so sad we didn't get to 1500, we were $29 away, i looked at it yesterday cause i was like if someone doesn't donate i will just to make it a pretty number but it's apparently closed now >.< oh well... LETS DOUBLE IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!! XD
    This video will be our motto next year ^^

    edit: it says i got 1488 land mines then 348.... can't find who donated that???? anyone know it's not on the list >.< eek! ahaha, and watching the third bracket makes me cringe!!! ahahaha =P
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    The list is complete though. Adding all of the donations gives exactly $1471.
    I'm seeing 820 land mines in total donated to you. I'm thinking @wondible got creative with the unspecified $100 donation you got from Red_lXl. :)

    (Also, I just noticed that the list is in reverse chronological order. Oops. :))
  12. wondible

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    No, I think UI focus got stuck on the number slider it ran it over to 327 or so ;^) Usually I'd just delete a mistake, but I was afraid mines would have splash, plus there was that extra money.
  13. cwarner7264

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    So what you're saying is that Violet won her bracket with hax? ;)
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    I agree. Don't make the system unnecessary complex for an event like this. The only thing I would add to the donations page is a suggestion where it gives you drop down boxes of
    1. Type of unit that you want to spawn in. (or an open field where you can type in what you want to spawn in for the creative minds like @elodea HINT ).
    2. To what player.
    3. Where.
    It could get pretty hectic when you wanted to help out a player really quick but you had to search for the unit code and planet names. When stuff like this gets suggested to me then I won't need to search for the codes and double check if I filled it in correctly. Makes donating more foolproof and decreases the time between donating and spawning the units ingame (which improves the viewers input into games).

    A different issue I had was that we were never able donate economy buildings to players. Giving a player 5 t2 factories at the start is nice however it simply couldn't be turned into the wanted advantage because the players economy would feel like dying (badly). Also economy buildings maybe should be able to be donated below the 5 minute mark?

    Another issue I had was with donating game enders. 25 minutes is in my opinion too long for titans (not for halley's rag's and catalysts). I'd recommend 20 minutes is a nice timing to spawn in titans, maybe even a bit earlier. Nukes on the other hand could be donated way to early. I'd set a timing of 15 minutes for nukes instead of the used 5 minutes.

    And final suggestion is having more options when it comes to donating units. It was kinda limited. More options or being able to fill in the unit you want to spawn would be good. With an open field you will get the issue that people will donate money for ridiculous things though I'm sure the puppetmaster is a good judge of what value you'll get for the amount of money you donated.

    Also an option to donate to the puppetmaster would be a nice idea too (and being able to give some advice like: Save players from death in crucial moments). I know it was possible by not specifying a name but I think it would be more clear to donators if you give them the option puppetmaster too.
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    Donating antinukes would be awesome but by the time someone gets a nuke, you are probably not in time if you donate an antinuke.
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    it would only really be a counter to player built nukes, rather than spawned ones.
  17. mered4

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    Yeah, but Intel would help counter both ;D

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