32 players per game - When?

Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by bradkill, March 22, 2016.

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    When will the 32 players per game system come back? (I read the welcome - it said they dig whens and whys too, so), Seriusly, I really want a 3v3v3v3v3v3. But cant because of the 10 player limit - When will the community come back, When will 32 units come back, When will we get 32 PLANETS able to be loaded?!

    If never, Than, Well... I guess I'll just have to *puts on sunglasses* Deal with it.
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    Lol you can host big games now. Install the pa:stats mod and there are a few community funded servers available for use usually. They can take more than 10 players.

    As for the number of planets, that's fixed due to how game engine works. I'm sure it could be changed if uber ever do 'PA 2' however there is no fix in the short term. No mods to fix it either.
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    This is the third thread you've posted in four days about 32 player games. Stop asking.

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