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    Hello Commanders,

    We recently launched season 2 of the ranked ladder along with prizes for Uber #1 and the most active player in each league.

    Our ladder uses a tried and tested ranking algorithm, with numerous best practices for implementation. To oversimplify, all players have two scores: stable and volatile. The former is a rating which the system has a high confidence in and should be used for ranking, avoiding placing a player too highly based on a few good games. The latter is a lower confidence rating, but looks at the potential of the player.

    Volatile and stable are used for matchmaking to find opponents of the right difficulty. Think of stable as reflecting how good we know you are, while volatile is how good you might be. Over time these two ratings will converge.

    During work to migrate to PAnet we have been examining the code underpinning the ladder and identified an issue. Rather than using the stable rating for ranks the ladder had been implemented using the volatile rating, leading to wild swings in position and players being placed in high level leagues far too easily. This runs counter to the goal of the ranking system: rewarding consistency of play over time.

    A fix for this has been deployed and players have had their position on the ladder updated accordingly. All games played this season remain valid, none of your results have been lost or invalidated as a result of this change. The only change is to leaderboard ranks. This does not impact the result of season 1, we reviewed the data and [TNC] [Nik] NikolaMX was the clear winner.

    Players with few games in ranked will likely find they have dropped to a lower rank, or even league. The key to your rank now is consistency over a large number of games. You will no longer be able to obtain Uber status with only a few games.

    We debated leaving the ranking system unchanged for season 2, but decided as it was still very early in the season it was best for the health and integrity of the ladder that an immediate fix be deployed. This will lead to a better experience for everyone, avoiding the issue of players with a small number of games camping high ranking positions, allowing players who continue to play to see an improvement over time.

    You will see a significant change in the number of players within each league at first. These numbers should change over time as players play more games. Thresholds for each league have not changed and we will be reviewing the season 2 data for possible adjustments in season 3.

    Accompanying this change are three much requested features. Everyone’s stable score is now visible on the leaderboard, along with the number of games played, and you can view the top 500 of every league instead of just the top 10 both in-game and on the web at: https://palobby.com/leaderboards/

    Finally, players new to the ladder must complete 10 games before being assigned a rank. This allows the system to ensure a more accurate rating before adding people to a league.

    Bulkhead has also been updated with a fix for missing metal spots that were identified.

    • The ladder has been updated to use the correct value for ranking players
    • The ladder UI has been updated to display your rank, games played, and 500 players per league
    • Players need to complete 10 games before being assigned a rank
    • Bulkhead updated for missing metal
    • https://palobby.com/leaderboards/
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    Nice update. The ladder seems much more balanced now. Now all it needs is 10x more players :)

    The next thing I can think of is player profiles because player profiles are good ;)
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    Rip to my 5-6 games uber rank record, time to grind it out
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    Gotta show people just how cool Gundam is with my Gundam profile to match with my Gundam username that appropriately fits my slight Gundam obsession.
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    wanzers and battlemechs or gtfo :p... ...... MAYBE macross/robotech
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    Being able to see the raw score is wonderful! Perhaps, in the victory screen, there could be a rating indicator with you and your opponent’s score and the change after the match.

    Great update even though I’m back in plat.:mad:
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