1v1 Double Elimination Tournament mark II - Sunday, 23rd December at 19:00 UTC

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    Hello all, [I-C-A-R-U-S]nimzodragonlord and I are hosting this hopefully amazing tournament, it will be open to players of all skill levels

    Format: Double Elimination

    Maps/Mods: Maps are still being finalised and the maps we use will be posted later, mandatory mods are super stats, Grand Homie's and exodus map packs (maybe more)

    If you can't play in the tournament yourself, be sure to tag along by watching the tournament live casted by River and Pwn4two

    The 1v1_dec_23rd_19utc_signup is open in the PA community centre discord and if you'd wish to compete then please apply!

    Those who will be playing in the tournament will have to be in discord 30 mins early.

    Let the best player win!!!!!
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