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    Hello Commanders,

    We have a new PTE for testing.

    Focus areas are:
    • Intel GPU SDR rendering with sRGB changes
    • AMD GPU SDR rendering with sRGB changes
    • Experimental Nvidia GPU HDR10 on Windows 10 using new --hardware-hdr command line option
    Note: macOS HDR support is automatic.

    Technical Notes

    Client Improvements
    • Updated translations
    • Reduced unnecessary locks and allocations during material creation
    • Removed outdated sRGB restrictions for AMD / Intel GPUs
    • Added --gl-disable-srgb / --gl-disable-mrt-srgb command line options to restore previous behaviour if needed
    • Added --hardware-hdr command line option to enable experimental HDR10 support on Windows 10 for modern Nvidia GPUs
    Client Fixes
    • Fixed API data access
    • Fixed get units crash
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